Living by Design, Sept. 24-30

Ephesians 6:10-17



Our Big Problem: We are not clear about the fact that a spiritual war is a real war.

The Realities of Spiritual War:

It is real, the stakes are high and real people get real hurt for a real long time.

We have three great enemies.

Alone, without God, we will not survive.

Therefore we must depend of God by putting on His full armor.

The Big Idea:  Our only hope in the spiritual battle…is full and continual dependence on God.

Application #1: Be dependent!

Application #2
: Be prepared!

Application #3
: Be courageous!


Discussion Questions

  1. Have you experienced the harm of the spiritual battle? Have you seen someone powerfully beaten down by the spiritual battle?
  2. How does the world system oppose and harm us? What about our flesh?
  3. How do the devil and his demons oppose and harm us?
  4. Which of the following pieces of armor are most critical for you to shore up right now and why? What will you do?
  • Personal righteousness?
  • Gospel clarity and Gospel sharing?
  • Trusting in God fully and continually?
  • Trusting Christ for salvation—the full forgiveness of your sins based on His sacrifice on the cross for you?
  • Immersing yourself in the Word of God 380 days a year?


What’s Going On

Bilingual Services
Sept. 24 – Oct. 29

Walk Middle School Conference

How do you walk out your relationship with God as you start this new school year? This is our biggest annual event for middle school students – it’s a conference and lock-in all in one. Join us Sept. 29-30 for worship, sessions and wild games! Register online.

Poverty, Inc.

FREE Community Screening
Featuring Live Q&A with The Filmmaker
October 1 | 4:00 pm

Poverty Cure Bible Study

For Christians, addressing poverty is nonnegotiable. But having a heart for the poor isn’t enough. Join us for a special, three session Bible Study on the social, economic, political, and spiritual foundations of human flourishing. Meets on Thursdays, Oct. 5, 9, and 26 at 7 pm. Email to register.

Women’s Retreat 

Oct. 6-8, plan on being at The Shores at Pine Cove for the annual Women’s Retreat for a sweet time of fellowship and spiritual encouragement! Registration is open online.

Mission Trip Q&A

Want to learn more about serving on an overseas mission trip with Christ Fellowship? Join us for an informational meeting on Oct. 22 and Oct. 29 in room 204 to learn more about our 2018 trips.

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