Joy and Peace in Jesus, Mar. 18-24





John 16:16-33

Discussion Questions

  1. Have you ever experienced any trouble or difficulty because of your faith in Christ?
  2. Read John 16:15-22. What does Jesus mean by “in a little while?” Hint: there are two timeframes in view. Why is waiting so hard?
  3. What does Jesus say about grief and joy? What illustration does he use? How can lasting joy overcome brief joy?
  4. Read John 16:23-28. What does Jesus say about what the disciples ask? What does it mean to pray in Jesus’ name? How do those kinds of prayers lead to “complete joy?”
  5. What did the disciples believe about Jesus? How does verse 28 summarize the mission of Jesus, the Gospel message?
  6. Read John 16:33. How can we have peace and courage in a world full of trouble?
  7. What has the Spirit of God been saying to you in our study of John 1315? What are you taking away from this study? How will you be different?


Talk to the Father in Jesus’ name for complete joy


Trust in Jesus for eternal life


Take courage in Jesus’ victory for divine peace

What’s Happening

We Need Easter Eggs!
We’ll be hosting an Easter Egg Scramble on March 31 after the service. We need eggs and wrapped candy. If you would like to donate, please drop them off in one of the bins located near the front doors.

Serve Day
Come be part of this year’s 3e McKinney’s Serve Day on April 28. Over a thousand volunteers from CF and other 3e McKinney churches act as the “hands and feet” of Jesus. We want the residents to know that there is a God and He loves them. Join us as we serve others to enhance dignity and empower. Through projects like painting, light carpentry, repair work, cleaning, and hosting activities for kids, we get to demonstrate God’s love to McKinney. Please contact Alanda Maliskas at or 972-547-7034 for more information.

New Believer’s Class
Our next New Believer’s Class for children will be Sunday, April 29, 11:20 am-12:05 pm in Room 170. This class is for any child who has professed faith in Christ and would like to know what’s next. 

Following Christ
(Academy Course)

Many people identify themselves as Christian, but checking the box on a survey does not necessarily mean someone is a follower of Jesus. Have you investigated the claims of Jesus and experienced his grace? Come discover the foundations of the Christian life in a friendly environment. Bring your questions and we’ll dig into this life-changing story of grace together!

Women’s Bible Studies

We have two new studies launching on March 29 at 6:30 pm. Seamless by Angie Smith unpacks how to understand the Bible as one complete story. Meanwhile, Abundant Faithful True by Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer, and Beth Moore dives deep into a series of topics that strike at each of the authors’ hearts.

Life Group 101
If you’re interested in leading or starting a new life group, join us for this class designed to help you learn more and lead well. The next LG101 workshop will be March 22, 6:00-8:30 pm. Contact Tracie Ewing at to reserve your spot!

Anna Campus Admin.
Now hiring – Part-time Admin position to support the Anna Campus Pastor. Must be spiritually mature and possess strong administrative, communication, and project management skills. Send resumes to Tamra Kearl at

Nursing Mother’s Room
Due to the construction, we have temporarily moved the Nursing Mother’s Room to Room 131. We apologize for the inconvenience.



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