Spiritual Discernment, Feb. 12-18

1 Corinthians 2:6-16

Message Outline

God revealed his spiritual wisdom for our glory  6-10

Which is for the mature

Which was a hidden mystery

Which is not the wisdom of this world or its rulers

            who are passing away

            who do not understand God’s wisdom

            who crucified the Lord of glory

Which God destined for our glory before time began

Which Scripture confirms God prepared for those who love him


God has given us the Spirit to know what he has given us 11-12

Who searches all things even the deep things of God

Who is from God (not the spirit of this world)

Who enables us to know the things God has graciously given us


The Spirit enables us to discern all things with Christ’s mind 13-16

We speak spiritual truths by the Spirit

not human wisdom of ‘natural’ persons

            who do not accept the things of the Spirit

                                    they appear foolish and are not understood by them

because they are discerned by the Spirit

The ‘Spiritual’ person discerns all things

For Scripture says, who can know God’s mind?

But we have the mind of Christ

Group Discussion Questions

  1. Where or how have you seen people in our culture seeking deeper, hidden wisdom for life? Can you think of any movies with this theme?
  2. Have you encountered any “Christian” groups or teachings that seem to offer the key to true spirituality? What might be a danger in that kind of approach?
  3. How does Paul describe God’s wisdom in 2:6-9?
  4. What do you think it means that it was “destined for our glory?” What has God prepared for us that “no eye has seen or ear heard or mind conceived?”
  5. What does the Spirit do according to 2:10-12? What are things that God has “freely given to us?”
  6. What things does the Spirit enable us to do according to 2:13-16? What might it look like for us to discern all things by the Spirit with the mind of Christ?
  7. Who could you share some spiritual truth with this week?
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