Spiritual Maturity, Feb. 19-25

1 Corinthians 3:1-23

Message Outline

The Problem: you are unspiritual babies 1-4

            You are full of jealousy and quarreling over human factions


God is the Grower 5-9

            You are field hands in God’s field

            Each has an equal and different role for the same cause


Jesus is the foundation and God is the Judge 9-15

            You are construction workers on God’s building

            Your work’s quality will be tested by fire resulting in reward or loss


The Spirit lives in you as God’s holy temple 16-17

            You are God’s temple

            If you destroy God’s church, he will destroy you


The wrap up: you have it all in Christ! 18-23

            Be a fool to be wise

            Focus on all you are in Christ


Group Discussion Questions

  1. According to Paul in 1 Corinthians 3:1-4 what does it look like to be a “spiritual baby”? Have you seen evidence of jealousy and divisions in churches? Have you ever been part of something like that? How are jealousy and division destructive to the church and the cause of Christ.
  2. Describe the image of the field. What does this Scripture convey about God? About us? How does this counter the problem they were facing?
  3. Describe the image of the building. What is being built? What does it say about Jesus? About us? About God?
  4. How and when will our work be judged? What will be the result? How does this judgment relate to our salvation?
  5. Describe the image of the temple. What does the temple represent? How does God feel about the temple? What will happen to a person who “destroys” the temple? How can a person “destroy” the church?
  6. Go back and consider all three images. How do the truths from these three pictures address the problems identified in verses 1-4? What are implications for us today?
  7. What does it mean to be a fool to be wise?
  8. How is it that everything is ours (3:22-23)? What does this mean? What are implications for the problems they were dealing with in Corinth? How does this truth impact you?
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