Lawsuits, March 11-17

1 Corinthians 6:1-11

Message Outline

Don’t sue your brother.


DESTINY: You have significant future responsibilities 1-3

Are you not competent for matters in this life?


MISSION: You will wreck your witness in the world 4-6

Is there no brother wise enough to handle this?


VALUES: It is better to suffer loss than to lose 7-10

Why not rather be wronged?
Don’t you know wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God?


IDENTITY: You are a new person in Jesus by the Spirit of God 11

Have you not been washed, sanctified and justified?


Group Discussion Questions

  1. Have you ever been involved in a lawsuit or legal action? What happened?
  2. What is the problem in Corinth that Paul addresses in Chapter 6? Use your imagination to guess what might have been happening and what problems it might have been causing.
  3. How do our future responsibilities impact our current practices in terms of disputes with fellow believers (vs. 2-3)?
  4. How could suing a brother or sister in Christ wreck your witness to the world? How could it hurt our mission for the gospel (4-6)?
  5. Why could it be better to be wronged (7-10)? How does a lawsuit bring defeat? Defeat to what? Have you chosen to be cheated for the sake of the gospel?
  6. What is our new identity in Christ (in other words what has God done for us according to verse 11)? How is each member of the Trinity involved? What difference does our identity make in terms of how we handle a dispute with a brother?
  7. How could lawsuits between brothers hurt a church family?
  8. Use the truth of this passage – the deep realities of our destiny, mission, values and identity – to address specific situations you are facing, have faced or might face. How could you handle specific disputes (that could be legal) in a way that reflects your destiny, enhances your witness, expresses your values and is true to your identity?
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