Sexual Immorality, March 18-24

1 Corinthians 6:12-20

Message Outline

Flee sexual sin to honor God with your body.


Resurrection: God will raise your body

–what you do bodily matters forever


Union: Christ is united to your body

–what you do bodily you do to Christ


Presence: The Holy Spirit lives in your body

–bodily sins are against the Spirit


Group Discussion Questions

  1. Why do you think sexual sins have been so common through human history? How can distorted views of the human body contribute to sexual sin?
  2. What are modern sayings similar to the Corinthian saying, “I have the right to do anything?” What sorts of things do people say to themselves to rationalize their bodily sins?
  3. What two qualifications does Paul give in verse 12 and how can they apply today?
  4. What are some implications of the Corinthian saying in verse 13a? How does Paul counter their saying?
  5. How does the truth of the resurrection of our body impact how we should understand our bodies? How does it argue against sexual sin?
  6. How is our body associated with Christ? What is so terrible about being with a prostitute according to verse 15-17? How does this truth motivate you to sexual purity and faithfulness?
  7. How can we practically “flee” from sexual immorality? Give multiple examples physically, visually and mentally.
  8. How is your body associated with the Holy Spirit? How does this truth impact you in terms of how you view your body and what you do with it?
  9. At what “price” were you bought (vs. 20)? What are implications of being bought for how we use our bodies?
  10. How can we practically “honor” God with our bodies?
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