Rights, April 15-21

 Corinthians 9:1-18

Message Outline

Paul has the right to financial support. (1-14)

  • he ministered to them personally as an apostle
  • other ministers have this right
  • other people are paid for their work
  • the law says workers should be paid
  • spiritual labor naturally yields material support
  • people who serve in the temple receive support
  • the Lord commanded it

We have legitimate rights we can freely claim.
Paul gave up his right to financial support. (15-18)

  • he does not want to hinder the gospel
  • he is called and compelled to preach the gospel
  • preaching the gospel as a free gift is its own reward

We should freely give up our rights for the gospel.


Group Discussion Questions

  1. Whether they are legal, natural or just assumed, what rights can you list that most claim are legitimately ours as Americans? (Aim as a group for at least 20 rights)
  2. What are Paul’s reasons why he should be financially supported in his ministry? (Hint: Bruce lists seven in his sermon). Which reasons are the most compelling to you and why?
  3. Do you see implications for how people are compensated for any kind of work? What about those who serve the church?
  4. Why does Paul give up his right for financial support? (9:12b, 15-18) [Hint: Bruce gives three reasons in his message]
  5. In our modern context, what legitimate rights might we give up at times for the sake of the gospel? Give specific examples. Is there a right you are claiming that might be hindering the gospel? Are there any changes you need to make in light of 1 Corinthians 9:1-18?
  6. How does Paul’s passion for the gospel direct his thinking about rights?
  7. What is your passion level for the gospel? Are you compelled, as Paul was, to share the gospel? Why or why not?
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