Culture, April 22-28

1 Corinthians 9:19-27

Message Outline

To save as many people as possible for Jesus

      Radically identify with others (19-23)

      Rigorously discipline yourself (24-27)


Group Discussion Questions

  1. Paul talks about making himself a “slave” to others and making his body a “slave.” How can being a slave possibly be positive?
  2. Why does Paul want to make himself a slave to others? What motivates him? (vs. 19, 22, 23). How much do you share this same motivation? How could you increase your motivation?
  3. Watch the video clip of Oskar Schindler from Shindler’s list ( How do you relate to Schindler? How could we have a similar passion to save people today?
  4. Paul radically identifies himself with four different sample groups from different cultures so he can “win” them for Jesus Christ. What types of sub-cultural groups can you name today? How could you adapt your life to identify with a specific group of people for the sake of the gospel?
  5. Paul’s second point is to rigorously discipline yourself (24-27). How does Paul use athletic images to make his point? What part of the analogy crosses over to the work of the gospel, and which do not? [Bonus: list your favorite sports movies where someone goes into strict training to win.]
  6. How might we spiritually discipline ourselves in “strict training” so we are prepared to win the prize and not be disqualified? What might we abstain from?
  7. What is the “prize” spiritually? (Note the connection to the crown and to the blessing in vs. 23). How does our prize contrast with the prize for an athlete?
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