Tempation, April 29-May 5

1 Corinthians 10:1-22

Message Outline

Flee idolatry (sin)

Do not be ignorant: God judges and he is faithful 1-13

God provides and is not pleased 1-5
Israel was delivered by cloud and sea
Israel had spiritual food and drink

Warning: God judges sin 6-11
Idolatry – by eating, drinking, “partying”
Sexual immorality – 23,000 died
Test Christ – killed by snakes
Grumble – killed by destroying angel

Promise: God is faithful 12-13
All temptations are common to humanity
God will never allow you to bear too much
God will give you a way out of sinning

Do not associate with demons: God unites you to Christ 14-22

God unites you to Christ and his body 14-17

Warning: Idolatry (sin) associates you with demons 18-21

Charge: God is jealous and powerful 22


Group Discussion Questions

  1. What are some of the most powerful temptations people face today? Why is it so hard to resist temptation?
  2. Why did God give us the four examples from Israel’s history (10:6, 11)? Why was God not pleased with them? What was the consequence? (v. 5)
  3. What are the four examples and what happened in each case? How do you see these issues in our world today? Which one can you relate to? How do the examples from Israel motivate you to flee from sin?
  4. How would you put verse 12 in your own words? Paraphrase it as a modern proverb. Where do you need to be over-confident?
  5. What are key truths in verse 13? How does it impact you that all temptations are common to humanity? How has God given you ways out of temptations and trials? When have you taken ways out and when not?
  6. How does communion symbolize our union with Jesus Christ and his body, the church? How does that connection motivate us to flee from sin? (v. 14-17)
  7. How does idolatry or any sin associate us with demons, to drink their cup and share their table? (v. 18-21)
  8. From this passage, how are you more motivated to flee from sin? What motivations do you find most compelling?
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