Conscience, May 6-12

1 Corinthians 10:22 – 11:1

Message Outline

Give up my rights

for others’ spiritual benefit


Give up my freedom

when it violates others’ conscience


Give up anything

For God’s honor

         For others’ benefit spiritually


Guiding questions for lifestyle decisions:

  1. Are you biblically free to do it?
  2. Is it beneficial for others spiritually?
  3. Is it honoring to God?


Group Discussion Questions

  1. Is it appropriate for a Christian to engage in Yoga? To do the postures? What about the breathing? With music? With readings from Hindu writings? With the goal of enlightenment?
  2. Is it fine for Christians to engage in gambling? Go to Choctaw casinos? Play poker? For candy? For quarters? For hundreds of dollars? In your own home? Is it OK to play the lottery?
  3. Is it fine for a Christian to eat wings at Hooters? Order wings from Hooters? Eat wings purchased from Hooters at a friend’s football party?
  4. Is it appropriate for a Christian to celebrate Halloween? Carve a Jack-O-Lantern? Put ghoulish displays in your yard? Go trick-or-treating? Go to a haunted house?
  5. What media (books, movies, video games) is appropriate for a Christian? With sex? Violence? Vampires? Demons? How much is too much? R-rated, exceptions for S and V, MA ratings, un-cut versions? First-person shooter video games – how realistic? How about magazines such as Cosmopolitan? Maxim? Celebrity gossip?
  6. Is it OK to have a Buddha statue in your home? What about sculptures or paintings representing Native American religious images?
  7. Is it OK to smoke cigars or a pipe or chew tobacco? Alone? In your backyard? On the front porch? With your kids?
  8. Is it OK to go to parties where people are “partying,” even if you are not participating? With most people drunk? With some smoking marijuana? Snorting coke? Shooting heroin? Taking off their clothes? Having sex upstairs? In public? Spring Break beach parties? Marti Gras? Outdoor music concerts and festivals?
  9. Is it OK to wear T-shirts with any slogans or symbols? What about bikinis? Speedos? Strapless dresses? Showing cleavage? Having words or symbols on the rear or chest? Baggy jeans that droop below the rear?
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