Respectful Dress in Worship, May 13-19

1 Corinthians 11:1-16

Message Outline

Divine order and culture (v. 1-6)
Headship relationships and dishonor (v. 1-5)
Cultural practice and disgrace (v. 5-6)

Creation order and angels (v. 7-12)
Order of creation (v. 7-8; 11-12)
Angels watching (v. 10)

Natural order and custom (v. 13-16)
Hair length (v. 13-15)
Practice of other churches (v. 16)


Group Discussion Questions

  1. In your family of origin or your family today, what was/is the parents’ attitude toward dress? For what did you have to dress up and why? Have you ever told your children not to wear certain clothes? Why? Have they ever complained about what you wore?
  2. What role has dress played in events you’ve seen in the media over the last few months (i.e Trayvon Martin, Lady Gaga, Presidential debate in Mexico City, Mark Zuckerman’s hoodie)? Why is dress so powerful?
  3. What is Paul’s first reason why men should not cover their head and women should? (vs. 1-3) How could women not covering their heads be disgraceful?
  4. What is Paul’s second major reason for dressing respectfully according to our genders? (vs. 7-8 and vs. 11-12)
  5. What is Paul’s third major reason to support his point (vs. 13-15)? How does hair length serve as an illustration?
  6. How can we apply this passage today? Should women wear head coverings? Why or why not? What kinds of dress should men and women avoid wearing in worship services?
  7. Over your lifetime, what has been your experience with dress in worship services? How has this passage impacted you?
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