Getting in the Door, May 27-June 2

Scripture: Luke 17:20-19:10

Message Outline

The Kingdom of God is here and now.

Everyone is offered entry to the Kingdom of God.

The Saved are called to seek and save the Lost.


Group Discussion Questions

  1. Which of the seven characters do you most identify with in Luke 17:20-19:10?
  2. Why can it be so difficult to appropriately see ourselves as “in need of saving?”
  3. As Christians we are called to seek and save as Jesus did. Who are you seeking to save?
  4. Why do we tend to seek to save the attractive people, and avoid others who are truly hurting?
  5. Read Matthew 5:1-11. How do the seven characters in Luke 17:20-19:10 relate to the Beatitudes?
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