Spiritual Powers that Communicate, July 29-August 4

1 Corinthians 14:1-25

Message Outline

Focus on Spiritual powers that build up believers 1-19

Powers that minister to others 1-5

Powers that communicate clear meaning 6-12

Powers that engage the mind 13-19

Focus on Spiritual powers that speak to unbelievers 20-25

Tongues confuse

Prophecy convicts

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Group Discussion Questions

  1. What has been your experience with speaking in tongues? From your background, what have you understood it to be?
  2. Why do you think “speaking in tongues” has been a confusing and divisive issue in churches? How do you relate to Christ Fellowship being “centrist,” focused on the core truth of the gospel, and giving freedom to disagree on secondary matters?
  3. Based on what Bruce shared in the sermon, how is the category “spiritual gifts” limiting and inaccurate? (see 12:1, 4-6, 7, 12; 14:1, 12) What is the larger category that Paul is talking about?
  4. What is Bruce’s position the nature of speaking in tongues and prophecy as he stated it in the sermon? Based on Scripture, how do you evaluate the interpretation he gave?
  5. What is Paul’s primary focus in chapter 14 verses 1 to 25? What does he seem to be concerned about overall? How would you express his main point?
  6. Why does the Bible want us to focus on “prophecy” over “tongues”?
  7. In a worship gathering or group meeting, what could be the impact of a person speaking in tongues on others (see vs. 11)?
  8. How does the presence of unbelievers in worship gatherings and small group meetings impact Paul’s advice on speaking in tongues and prophesying (20-25)?
  9. How has your overall understanding of these matters grown in our study? What is your main takeaway?
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