With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility, August 5-11

1 Corinthians 14:26-40

Message Outline

Use your Spiritual powers in ways that build up the church 26-35

Only a few speak in tongues only with interpretation 26-28

Otherwise keep silent in the church

All can prophesy in turn with evaluation 29-33

So that you teach and encourage everyone

Wives must not speak inappropriately 34-35

But question their husbands at home

Use your Spiritual powers in a fitting and orderly way 36-40

As spiritual people (pneumatikos)

Follow the Lord ‘s commands

Being fitting and orderly in all you do


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Group Discussion Questions

  1. What are some of the main truths you have learned from 1 Corinthians chapters 12-14? How has this series been impacting you?
  2. In light of how Paul describes church meetings in these chapters, how is Life Group itself a “church?”
  3. In our group how can “each” person bring something to the rest of the group in our meetings (verse 26)?
  4. Why is order important in church gatherings? What instructions does Paul give for tongues and prophecy to be done in an orderly way?
  5. In a Life Group, how can all prophesy so that everyone is taught and encouraged (verses 29-33)?
  6. How could we improve in “weighing carefully” teachings we hear from religious speakers? Who do you listen to?
  7. How did Bruce explain the confusing section about women in verses 34-35? How does that explanation work in a Life Group setting?
  8. What has God been teaching you in this series and how are you growing by the power of the Spirit? How will you use your spiritual powers to impact others in and through the church?
  9. More resources: Check out “Helpful Perspectives on the Gifts of the Spirit” at christfellowshipeldorado.com/gifts
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