Unmerciful Servant, Oct. 7-13

Matthew 18:23-35

Message Outline

The King’s compassionate forgiveness


The servant’s lack of mercy


The King’s painful judgment

The Point (Nimshal):

God will judge you if you don’t accept his

forgiveness demonstrated by forgiving others.


Group Discussion Questions

  1. Why is it so hard to accept God’s forgiveness? Why do people find it so hard to forgive others?
  2. How do you struggle with the two dimensions of forgiveness: Without using names, who have you found hard to forgive and why? How have you dealt with guilt over your own sin?
  3. How do you feel about the amazing mercy the compassionate King shows to the servant who owes him 10,000 bags of gold?
  4. ave you accepted God’s grace in Jesus Christ to forgive your sin? If you have, share the story of when you did this.
  5. Do you struggle with fully accepting God’s forgiveness of all your sin? How could Jesus’ story help you with your struggle?
  6. How have you been like the servant in refusing to forgive someone in your life who owes you or who hurt you?
  7. How do you feel about the King’s judgment on the unmerciful servant? What is the point Jesus is making about God’s judgment?
  8. What is the relationship between our forgiving others and God’s forgiveness of us?
  9. Who do you need to forgive? How can you do it?
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