The Shrewd Steward, Oct. 14-20

Luke 16:1-16

Message Outline

The Story 1-8

The master fires the wasteful manager

The manager executes his clever plan

The master commends the manager for being shrewd


The Lessons 9-16

Use worldly wealth shrewdly to help people find and follow Christ

so you will be welcomed into eternal homes

Be faithful with little and you will be entrusted with much,

true riches of your own in eternity


You cannot serve God and money


Group Discussion Questions

  1. Have you ever lost a job? How did losing a job affect your perspective on life?
  2. What are common views about money today? How do different people see and think about money and material possessions? How do you?
  3. Review Jesus’ story. Why was the manager fired? Then what was his plan and what did he hope to accomplish? Then how did the master respond?
  4. Jesus paints three lessons related to the story. The first one comes in verse 9. What does he mean by “gain friends” and by “you will be welcomed into eternal dwellings”? How does this lesson relate to the story (see verse 4)? In your own words what is the lesson Jesus is teaching us?
  5. The second lesson comes in verses 10-12. How are these verses parallel? How does what we do with money today impact our experience in eternity?
  6. The third lesson comes in verse thirteen. How is this lesson related to the story? Why is it impossible to serve God and money?
  7. What do you hear God saying to you in this passage? How could you more shrewdly and faithfully use your money to help people find and follow Christ?
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