Surpassing Grace, Nov. 11-17

2 Corinthians 9:6-15

Message Outline

Give generously because you will benefit generously

Decide in your heart what to give

Not reluctantly or under compulsion

Joyfully for God loves a joyful giver


God will overflow all grace to you

You will have all you need

You can overflow generosity to others

God will increase your “seed” and your “harvest


Others will overflow thanks (grace) to God

Since their needs are met through you

Praising God for your service, obedience and generosity in sharing

Praying for you because of God’s surpassing grace to you


Thanks (grace) to God

for his indescribable Gift:

Jesus Christ!


Group Discussion Questions

  1. How do you feel about giving to God? What has been your history with giving, both good and bad? What motivates you and what de-motivates you?
  2. Throughout this passage Paul uses an agricultural metaphor. How does sowing and reaping relate to giving? If you have any experience in growing living plants or farming, share correlations you see.
  3. How can we decide in our hearts to give? How can deciding in our hearts reduce the attitudes of “reluctantly” and “from compulsion”? Have you decided how much to give? Why or why not? How would you decide? How might deciding make your giving more joyful?
  4. What benefit of giving generously does the Bible describe in verses 8-11? For what purpose(s) does God bless us and enrich us? Is this benefit financial, spiritual or something else?
  5. What benefit(s) does the Bible describe in verses 12-14? What terms does Paul use to describe this collection/act? What significance do you see in these terms?
  6. What various dimensions does grace play in generous giving?
  7. How does Paul end the two-chapter passage? What is the indescribable gift? How do you see this as a fitting conclusion?
  8. How is the Holy Spirit transforming you through the Word? What changes will you make in your life as a result of studying this text in the Bible?
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