A Big God honors convictions under pressure, Feb. 3-9

Daniel 1

Message Outline

God is bigger than any enemy

God is bigger than any authority

God is bigger than any law

God is bigger than any test


Group Discussion Questions

  1. In our society, what pressures do Christians face to compromise their convictions or their loyalty to Jesus Christ? What pressures have you faced?
  2. Have you ever before encountered the book of Daniel or stories from it? What has been your previous experience, if any?
  3. In his sermon, Bruce asked us to imagine it is 3013 and China has taken over the USA. You are taken by boat to Beijing where you are put into a three-year program to learn Mandarin and Chinese customs in preparation for service in the Chinese government. What pressures do you imagine you would face? How would you stay loyal to Christ?
  4. What actions do you see God take in Daniel chapter 1? How does God show that he is bigger than any other force, person or power?
  5. Walk through how Daniel handles the conversations with the chief official and the guard. How does Daniel show resolution and graciousness in the situation?
  6. In your life today how do you most need to see the bigness of God?
  7. How can you use the truths of Daniel chapter 1 to avoid compromising your convictions in a chaotic world (Babylon)?
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