God is Bigger than the Fire, Feb. 17-23

Daniel 2

Message Outline

The order to worship the image 1-7


The accusation and the rage 8-15


The courageous stand 16-23


The amazing divine rescue 24-27


The new declaration and decree 28-30


Group Discussion Questions

  1. What pressures have you felt in your life to honor another “god” or “idol” in the workplace, neighborhood, school or recreational setting?
  2. How do we set up our own “images” to draw attention to ourselves or get others to affirm us?
  3. What do you think motivated the astrologers’ accusation? Why do you think the king was so furious?
  4. What impresses you about the courageous stand made by Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego?
  5. How does God rescue them? How have you seen God rescue you or others through the fire rather than from the fire?
  6. Describe Nebuchadnezzar’s reversal of emotion and perspective. As you put yourself in his shoes, what do you think he is thinking at the end?
  7. Where in your life could you courageously resist honoring other “gods”?



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