The Big God Tames Lions, March 10-16

Daniel 6

Message Outline

Daniel’s exceptional quality represents the Big God

Who is bigger than political enemies


Daniel regularly prays to the Big God

Who is bigger than unjust laws


Daniel confidently trusts in the Big God

Who is bigger than hungry lions

The Living, eternal Big God deserves our worship

Because he rescues his people

Group Discussion Questions

  1. Have you ever had people try to undermine you, stab you in the back or falsely accuse you out of jealousy or some other motivation? How did you handle it?
  2. As Daniel did, how have you felt pressure to violate your faith? At work? School? In ordinary life?
  3. Describe Daniel’s character from the first nine verses of chapter six. Why was he well-regarded by King Darius and why could the other guys not find dirt on him? How could you better demonstrate exceptional character at work?
  4. Daniel faithfully prays three times everyday. How is your prayer life on a regular basis? What is your habit of prayer?
  5. In what circumstances can you imagine that you or another Christian in America might one day have to decide to obey God rather than an authority? At work? At home? In ordinary life?
  6. What character trait did Daniel show in the lion’s den (verse 23)? How can we grow in that trait?
  7. Describe our Big God in view of Darius’ final decree. What are some of your favorite characteristics of our Big God? Spend time praising the Big God for his greatness.


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