Four Great Beasts, April 7-13

Daniel 7:1-28

Message Outline

The Beasts = four historical empires

TBG controls history


Little Horn = The Antichrist

TBG allows evil only for a time


Ancient of Days = God the Father

TBG will judge and destroy evil once and for all


Son of Man = Jesus Christ

TBG will rule over the whole world forever


Group Discussion Questions

  1. What about the future is most scary to you and why?
  2. Good and bad, what has been your experience with biblical prophecy, “end-times” teaching and predictions?
  3. What is “apocalyptic” literature and how should we read its symbols and images differently than we would read history or a letter, such as Romans?
  4. What historical empires are the four beasts in Daniel’s vision depicting? How does this accurate prophecy increase your faith?
  5. Who is the “little horn?” What do we know about him from Daniel chapter seven?
  6. Who is the Ancient of Days and who is the Son of Man? What will each one do in the future?
  7. How does the truth of Daniel chapter seven impact your life today? How does knowing how history will end give you confidence today?


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