The Ram and The Goat, April 14-20

Daniel 8:1-27

Message Outline

The Ram and the Goat


The Horn will destroy God’s people

His character

His actions


The Big God will destroy the Horn


Daniel Declaration

Praise God forever and ever,

For he is the living God and endures forever,

All rulers will worship him,

His kingdom is everlasting,

Wisdom and power are his,

He gives wisdom,

He rescue and he saves,

He is the great and awesome Big God!


Group Discussion Questions

  1. Do you know anyone who has experienced persecution for their faith? What happened?
  2. Who do the ram and the goat represent? How are those fitting representations? How does the accuracy of these predictions strengthen your faith?
  3. How does Daniel chapter 8 connect to the vision of the animals in chapter 7 and the vision of the statue in chapter 2? Draw a picture or create a chart that shows the parallels.
  4. Who is the horn? Describe his character and his actions. When does he live (Hint: What time references are in the chapter for the vision)? How can we be tempted to the same kinds of behavior, such as deception?
  5. What will happen to the horn in the end (see Revelation chapter 19 for more)?
  6. How does Daniel respond to the vision?
  7. How can the truth of Daniel chapter 8 help us in tough times? How does the truth of Daniel 8 impact you personally?



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