Relief From Pressure, Sept. 22-29

Scripture  1 Peter 1:13-25

Song list


Message Outline

Live holy

As God’s obedient children

By not conforming to old, ignorant, empty desires

Because your God is holy


Fear God

As those calling the Judge, Father

Because you are redeemed by Christ’s precious blood


Love constantly

As those purified and born again

Because your salvation comes from the eternal Gospel



What’s Going On


Get Connected in a Life Group

Life Groups are our primary form of groups for adults – we encourage you to be a part of these vital communities. Grab a Connection Guide or stop by the kiosk today.

Garage Giveaway

On Saturday, Nov. 16 we are putting on a community wide Garage Giveaway and social ministry fair here at Christ Fellowship. This giveaway will resemble an enormous garage sale, but there’s a catch: Everything is FREE! Thousands of donated items are needed and you can drop them off here at the church Nov. 14 and 15. The most important thing to remember is it’s not about the Stuff, it’s about “blessings from one person to another.”

Can you help? Hundreds of volunteers are needed to make this event successful. Visit to find out how you can join in these efforts.

A Recycle Ministry in Collin County is donating their time and talent again this year by refurbishing bicycles so we can give them away during our event. Please bring your bicycles, any size, any shape, any condition during any of the four Sundays in October so we can start recycling them. We’ll have a trailer in the visitors parking area where you can donate your bikes.

Fiesta Latina

Come celebrate Hispanic Heritage at our fourth annual Fiesta Latina. Live music and dancing, free food from restaurants, family fun … all FREE. Stop by the kiosk today or contact Melany Bermudez,

Middle School Students

Join us at the Walk Conference here at Christ Fellowship, Sept. 27-28, for great worship, awesome teaching and an epic dodgeball tournament. Find out more and register at a kiosk today, or register online.

Girls Night Out

Ladies – you’re invited to join us Tuesday, Sept. 24 from 7 to 9 pm in Room 201 for “Hands and Heart” – a Girls Night Out where we’ll learn about ways you can get involved serving and sharing the love of Jesus Christ in our own backyard. Bring a dessert to share.

Nursing Mother’s Room

Moms, we have a private room available in the back of the Worship Center where you can nurse your baby and still participate in the service. We provide rocking chairs, a private bathroom, and a one-way window and speakers.

Job Seeker Support Class

Community Lifeline Center (CLC) offers job search workshops at no cost. This one-day workshop is held every second and fourth Tuesday of the month, 9-4 pm. You’ll learn important tactics like determining what you want to do, how to create a resume that reflects your goal, and winning the interview. Space is limited so register now at or 972.542.0020.

Gotta golf cart? Want to help us get one?

We would love to have a golf cart every Sunday to bless people with a ride to and from the outermost parking areas. If you have one you would like to donate to the church or just make available to use on Sundays, or if you would like to donate towards the purchase of one, contact Belinda Soto at or 817.690.0457.



Group Discussion Questions

  1. What are the hardest pressures in your life right now from which you would like some relief?
  2. How does your personal identity relate to your behavior in daily life?
  3. How does verse 13 connect the first and second halves of 1 Peter chapter one?
  4. What are examples of old desires to which we should not conform? Where are you most tempted to fall back?
  5. Why should we live holy lives? What might it look like to live holy?
  6. What does it mean to “fear God”? How can we distinguish between misunderstandings of fear and that to which the Bible is really pointing?
  7. Why should we live in reverent fear according to verses 18-21? How is our redemption through Christ compelling to you?
  8. Why are we to love constantly according to verses 22-25?
  9. How can living holy, fearing God and loving constantly relieve pressure in our lives [hint: look back to the connection between identity and behavior]?



Family Discussion Questions

  1. In 1 Peter 1:13-14, what is God calling us to be? What is it like to be holy? Why should we be holy (Leviticus 11:44-45)?
  2. Why should we obey what God tells us? What things do you struggle with that you know are sin?
  3. How can following a sinful life feel empty? What do verses 18-21 say Jesus did for us?
  4. What does it mean to live on earth as if we were strangers (verse 17)? Where is our ultimate home? What changes in the way you live your live now can you make in light of this truth?
  5. Gospel Alert! How can we become born again as 1 Peter 1:23 tells us (John 3:16)?
  6. In what ways can we demonstrate God’s love for us toward our family (verse 22)?
  7. Read Isaiah 40:6-8. How are we like the grass? How are we like the seed that can’t die (1 Peter 1:23-25)? Activity: Plant sunflower seeds and watch them grow. As the flower dies, harvest the seeds and replant as a physical example of truth found in this passage.




Giving Year-To-Date

Week 11 of 53

Projected: $682,148

Actual: $684,085

Variance: $1,937


Where do our gifts go?




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