Living as a Foreigner, Oct. 6-12

Scripture   1 Peter 2:11-25

Song list


Message Outline

We are called to live as foreigners by:


Abstaining from sinful desires


Doing good so people will see Christ in us


Submitting to human authority 


Living as God’s slaves


So in all things we can give credit to Christ.



What’s Going On

Fiesta Latina

Come celebrate Hispanic heritage at our fifth annual Fiesta Latina. Live music and dancing, food from restaurants, family fun … all FREE. Stop by the kiosk today or contact Melany Bermudez,

World Cultures Weekend

We’d like to invite you to World Cultures Weekend on Oct. 19 and 20 for…

  • a Conference to train and equip you to share Christ with people from different cultures
  • a Banquet to introduce you to our Asia and Uganda Ministry Partners
  • Opportunities to introduce you to our Christ Fellowship Global Workers

This weekend will bless, equip and inspire you as you discover how God is using your church family to touch hearts and change lives around the globe. And it’s all free! Grab a registration form at the kiosk today or register online. Contact Lu Mackey,

Men’s Breakfast

Men, join us for breakfast on Saturday, Oct. 12 at 8 am in Room 201. Come hear Brian Considine speak on “Living Sent Today.” Coffee will be ready at 7:30 am. Cost is $5 at the door and there’s no charge for newcomers. Breakfast includes breakfast burritos, pancakes, cereal, bagels, coffee, tea, milk and OJ.

Scare Away Hunger

Add a missional endeavor for the Kingdom of God to your Trick-or-Treating. We will have Scare Away Hunger door hangers available Sunday, Oct. 20 that you can leave on your Trick-or-Treat route ahead of time requesting non-perishable food donations on Halloween night. Then, while Trick-or-Treating, ask for these donations and bring them back to Christ Fellowship the following Sunday, Nov. 3. All donated items will be taken to the Food Pantry. For more information, contact Lu Mackey at or 972.547.7034.

Garage Giveaway

On Saturday, Nov. 16 we are putting on a community-wide Garage Giveaway and social ministry fair here at Christ Fellowship. It’s like an enormous garage sale, but everything is FREE! Thousands of donated items are needed and you can drop them off here at the church Nov. 14 and 15.

Can you help? Hundreds of volunteers are needed to make this event successful. Visit to find out how you can join in these efforts.

ReCycles McKinney in Collin County is donating their time and talent again this year by refurbishing bicycles so we can give them away during our event. Please bring your bicycles, any size, any shape, any condition during October. We’ll have a trailer in the guest parking area where you can donate your bikes.

Women’s Fall Retreat – “Denim & Diamonds”

Ladies, join us for our annual Women’s Fall Retreat, Oct. 25-27, at Pine Cove Retreat Center. Special guest speaker Carla McDougal, author and founder of Reflective Life Ministries, will show us how to live a sold-out life for Jesus, even with our imperfections. Come and deepen relationships with your friends, meet new women and connect more deeply with our Lord who is crazy about you. Register online or visit the kiosk today.

Dads and Kids Movie Night

We are inviting dads to bring the kids for pizza and a movie on Saturday, Oct. 26 while the ladies are away at the retreat. We will be watching “Wreck-It Ralph” in the gym at Christ Fellowship. Dinner will be picnic style so bring lawn chairs and blankets. $6 per person with a max of $20 per family. Register online.







Group Discussion Questions


  1. Have you ever thought of yourself as a foreigner to the world around you because of your identity as a Christian? Would those around you see you as a foreigner? Why or why not?
  2. How do you abstain from sinful desires? Are sinful desires the same as temptations? Why or why not?
  3. Does your life group “do good” on a regular basis through impacting others? What are some things you could do to demonstrate that your group is different from the world around you?
  4. We are to submit to human authority. What does this look like? What changes do you need to make in your life to reflect your identity is in Christ, rather than in your politics?
  5. Peter wrote in verse 16 to “live as free people, but do not use your freedom as a cover-up for evil; live as God’s slaves.” He states we are to live as free people, but also as God’s slaves. How can you do both?
  6. What is your next step in your growth as a Christian? What is God calling you to do to look more like a foreigner to those around you so you can impact them?



Family Discussion Questions


  1. What is a foreigner or an exile? Why does Peter call Christians foreigners and exiles?
  2. What are some sinful desires that you are struggling with? What does Peter call you to do with them and why (verse 2)? How might your sinful desires impact how other people view Jesus?
  3. What does Peter say about doing the right thing in the midst of people that are doing the wrong thing or may believe something different than you? What does he say our “good deeds” should do (verse 12)?
  4. What is a master? Who are the masters in your life? How should we act toward those who have authority in our lives (verse 17)? Who is our ultimate Master and how does Peter describe Christians in verse 16? Have you ever thought of yourself as God’s slave?
  5. Why did Jesus die on the cross? How is it that Jesus’ wounds have healed us?
  6. Why does Peter give us the example of Jesus’ suffering in verses 21-23?
  7. What can you do this week to show proper respect to those in authority over you even though you may disagree with them?



Giving Year-To-Date

Week 13 of 52

Projected: $812,594

Actual: $801,209

Variance: ($11,385)

Where do our gifts go?


Sept. 29 Eldorado attendance:  2,354






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