Marriage Under Pressure Oct. 13-19


Message Outline

Wives – display inner beauty

By submitting to your own husband

By wordless, pure, reverent living

By focusing on inner beauty over outer beauty

By showing a quiet and gentle spirit

By imitating women such as Sarah


            To “win” your husband to Christ

Husbands – honor your wife

By treating her according to knowledge

By being sensitive to her weaknesses

By seeing her as a co-heir of God


            So that your prayers are not hindered


Group Discussion Questions


  1. If you are married, what pressures have you felt in your marriage? If you are single, what pressures might you anticipate or did you experience if you are divorced or widowed?
  2. Peter’s main direction to wives is to display inner beauty. Why are they to do that? How could that purpose be generalized to all people married or not; female or male?
  3. What are some incorrect ways “submission” has been understood and what is Peter really saying to wives? How is Jesus the model “in the same way” (2:21-23)?
  4. How can wives (and others) display inner beauty according to Peter? Which of these ways is the greatest challenge to you at this point in your life?
  5. Peter’s main direction to husbands is to honor their wives. The phrase “in the same way” looks back to Christ. How can husbands honor their wives by following Christ’s example? As singles, how can we honor others?
  6. In what ways does Peter describe how husbands can honor their wives (see verse 7)? Which of these is most challenging to you and why?
  7. For what reason does Peter say that husbands should honor their wives? How does this reason impact you?



Family Discussion Questions


  1. What does the phrase “actions speak louder than words” mean? What do we call someone who says one thing and does another?
  2. What does verse 3 say about how God sees us? What areas of physical appearance do you struggle with and why?
  3. Should Christians marry other Christians? Why or why not?



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