The End is Near, Nov. 10-16


Message Outline


The End of all things is near!

So strengthen your church community in four ways


  • Pray alertly
  • Love constantly
  • Show hospitality
  • Serve faithfully


        So that in all things God will be glorified!




Judgment is beginning!

So rejoice in suffering for Christ by understanding seven truths


  • It is not surprising
  • It is a test that purifies us
  • You share in Christ’s suffering
  • You will share in Christ’s future glory
  • You experience God’s glorious Spirit today
  • You should suffer for Christ, not bad behavior
  • It represents the beginning of final divine judgment


        So entrust yourself to God and do good


Group Discussion Questions


  1. Have you ever experienced any pressure from being a Christian? What have been your experiences?
  2. What does Peter mean that the “end is near”?
  3. Peter gives four ways to strengthen our church community. The first is to pray alertly. How do you evaluate your prayer? How could knowing the end is near energize your prayer?
  4. How does love cover many sins? How could you love others better in such a way that “covers” their sins?
  5. One way to love is by showing hospitality. How could you use your home for Christian hospitality? How could you show hospitality to people on Sundays?
  6. We are to serve faithfully. How are you serving? How could you serve more faithfully?
  7. Peter says we are to rejoice in suffering for Christ and gives multiple truths that enable us to do that in verses 12-19. Which of the truths are most compelling to you? How does our connection to Christ help us with our trials?
  8. What are you going through right now in your life that this passage helps you deal with? How can you more entrust yourself to God and do good (verse 19)?

Family Discussion Questions


  1. In what ways can you show love to people in your family, your school, your neighborhood and the groups you are a part of?
  2. What does being “hospitable” mean? How does Peter say we should serve one another in 1 Peter 4:9? How could you show hospitality to the people who visit with you in your home?
  3. What does God say we should we do with the gifts he has given us (1 Peter 4:10)? Are there any special gifts that you have that you could use to serve others?
  4. When we serve others who are we really serving (verse 4:11)?
  5. Family Activity: Here are some ways you and your family can put your faith into action this holiday season:
  6. How might we suffer for doing God’s will? What pressures do you experience for being a Christian?
  7. How does knowing that Jesus suffered for us help you with the struggles you are facing?



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