What about Santa? Dec. 8-14

Scripture Matthew 1-2; Luke 2; Romans 14; 1 Corinthians 9-10; Colossians 2


Message Outline

What about Santa?


We are free so do not judge


Honor Jesus and advance his Gospel


Follow models in the Gospels

Angelsgather together to praise Jesus

Wise Mengive gifts to Jesus

Shepherdstell about Jesus

Maryponder Jesus


Group Discussion Questions

  1. When you were growing up how did your family celebrate Christmas?
  2. Imagine no Christians had ever celebrated Jesus’ birth. Your group is tasked with coming up with ideas for how Christians will celebrate the coming of the Savior into the world. Assuming there are no existing traditions, what traditions might we create to honor Jesus on his birthday? Think in as many different categories as possible.
  3. Is it wrong for Christians to tell their kids about Santa? Write letters to him? Put out milk and cookies? Why or why not? Depending on your group, apply similar questions to mistletoe, Christmas trees, gift-giving or any other secular Christmas tradition such as putting up lights.
  4. Over your lifetime, how have you judged others or felt judged for what you did, or did not do, to celebrate Christmas?
  5. In his sermon Bruce said that, biblically, Christmas celebrations should honor Jesus and advance his Gospel (Colossians 2:9-10; 1 Corinthians 9:22-23). Evaluate various Christmas traditions against these two purposes. Do any traditions detract from being Christ-centered and Gospel-guided? Which ones do, or could, honor Jesus and advance his Gospel?
  6. Four models in the Gospels give us insight into how we can celebrate Christmas in Christ-centered, Gospel-guided ways. Review each model and list a few ways we could follow each model in how we celebrate Christmas today.
    a. Angels: gather together to praise Jesus
    b. Wise men: give gifts to Jesus
    c. Shepherds: tell about Jesus
    d. Mary: ponder Jesus


Family Discussion Questions

  1. What are some Christmas traditions you celebrate with your family? Where did they come from? What about your friend’s traditions?
  2. Why do we celebrate Christmas?
  3. Who should be the focus of our celebration at Christmas? Do you have traditions that are specifically focused on celebrating the gift of Jesus Christ?
  4. Read Matthew 1:18-2:12 and Luke 2:1-18. How do you see the shepherds and wise men celebrating Jesus’ birth?
  5. What does Jesus say the second greatest commandment is (Matthew 22:37-39)? How does Jesus live out that command to “love others as yourself”?
  6. How can you and your family make “worshipping Jesus” and “loving others” be a more central part of your Christmas season and every other day of the year?
  7. Here are some suggestions of how you can keep Christ in Christmas this year: christianity.about.com/od/holidaytips/p/keepchristmas.htm


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