Community: Doing Life Together, Dec. 29 – Jan. 4


Biblical community begins with ­God himself


Because God is the social Trinity, a plurality in unity, the ideal for humankind does not focus on solitary persons, but on persons-in-community. God intends that we reflect his nature in our lives. This is only possible, however, as we move out of our isolation and into relationships with others.” -Stanley Grenz, Theology for the Community of God, p. 76.


A world system distorted by sin is contrary to God’s ideal of community

·      Isolation results in shame rather than freedom

·      Independence leads to pride rather than confidence

·      Self-centeredness turns into greed rather than generosity


The work of Christ was primarily focused on the restoration of community

·      In redemption, the lost are found and the captives set free

·      In reconciliation, enemies become friends and community is restored

·      In salvation, eternal separation & punishment turn to eternal communion and reward


How do we live in biblical community today?

·      Don’t be confused by lesser types of community

·      Connect in a group that seeks to experience fully functioning biblical community

·      People committed to care for one another, grow together and impact others with the love of Christ

·      Connect in a group focused on Christ and committed to obeying his Word

·      Worship God individually and in gatherings as members of his great family

·      Impact others through your community with freedom, confidence and generosity


Group Discussion Questions


  1. As you consider the opportunity we’ve been given to enter into the very community shared by God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit for all of eternity, how does this impact the way you engage God individually?
  2. How does this same fact influence the priority you give to connecting in a group where you experience genuine biblical community with others?
  3. What are some common objections people give for not being connected to and/or fully engaged with a Life Group community? How would you respond to these objections?
  4. Read Jesus’ words in John 14:12-14 about our being able, after his return to heaven, to do even “greater things” than Jesus did himself. Discuss what you think he may have had in mind with this statement.
  5. Read the rest of the chapter in John 14:15-31. What role do you think the Holy Spirit plays in the formation and function of biblical community? Consider this in light of three core functions of community – caring for one another, growing together and impacting others for Christ.
  6. What are some next steps your group can take so that every member can become fully engaged in the life of the group? How can your group become more healthy and reflective of genuine biblical community?


Family Discussion Questions


  1. What is a community? How many communities are you a part of? What do communities do?
  2. How is your family like a community?
  3. How many families can you name from the Bible (Genesis gives some pretty good examples)?
  4. Read Genesis 1:26-31. How do you imagine we are made in God’s image? Why did God make Eve for Adam (Genesis 2:18)?
  5. What do you think our job is as Christians (Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 1:8)? Would it be easier to do those things by yourself or with a group of other Christians? Why?
  6. Why is it important to grow to be more like Jesus? How can you grow to be more like Jesus?
  7. What “Biblical Community” are you a part of? Here is a “Groups Finder” link from our website that you and your family can use to take the next step in growing toward the likeness of Christ:


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