Next Steps in Truth, Jan. 12-18

Next Steps in Truth


The Players – Christ gives


The Goal – Christlikeness

skilled in ministry
healthy in relationships
sound in truth
godly in character


The Plan – Christ’s playbook

Each person

Helps someone else


Group Discussion Questions

  1. What is your favorite sport to play or watch? Which teams do you root for and why? Generally what factors make a sports team good or bad?
  2. What did Jesus Christ do so we can join his team? How does a person join Christ’s team?
  3. What is our primary goal in spiritual growth? How would you describe what that means (Bruce gave four dimensions in his sermon)? How would you describe a spiritually mature person?
  4. Bruce shared four typical stages of spiritual progress: exploring Christ, starting with Christ, growing in Christ and maturing in Christ. Which stage best describes you today and why do you see yourself in that stage?
  5. What are the four practices of a Christ follower as we say them at Christ Fellowship? Draw the X and write them out together. Among the four, where are you the strongest? Where do you most need to grow?
  6. According to verse sixteen what is true of each Christian? Who are you helping to find or follow Christ? Who could you help to take a next step spiritually?
  7. What is your best next step on the path to Christlikeness?


Family Discussion Questions

  1. How would you describe grace? How has it been extended to you?
  2. What is an apostle? A prophet? An evangelist? A pastor? A teacher? See page 26 of our Study Guide for some helpful definitions.
  3. Why does Christ give these people special gifts (Ephesians 4:11-12)?
  4. Who has helped teach and guide you in your knowledge of Jesus? What are some of the ways they help you do that? Who are you teaching about Jesus?
  5. What does becoming mature mean (verse 15)? What are some of the things you are doing to become more like Jesus?
  6. Why do you think it’s important that we have different gifts and abilities? How are our gifts and abilities like the human body? What part of the body is Jesus described as? Why do you think he is the head?
  7. What special gifts and abilities has Christ given you to help others come to know Jesus and grow in his likeness?
  8. Fun activity: If you could be any part of the body, what would it be? Have the whole family describe what part of the body they’d be and draw a picture of what your family looks like with just these body parts joined together.


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