Jesus, the Life of the Party, Feb. 2-8



Jesus went to parties

he didn’t stay home

he didn’t isolate himself

Jesus showed appropriate hospitality

he brought great wine

Jesus enjoyed the party

he wasn’t aloof

Jesus partied with sinners

he didn’t shun them

Jesus was willing to be criticized by the religious people

he didn’t let them limit him

Jesus was righteous, not self-righteous

he extended mercy

Jesus brought Life to the party

he spoke the Gospel


Group Discussion Questions

  1. Share your personal criteria or decision grid that you use to determine which parties to attend and which ones to skip; who to associate with and who to avoid; and what to partake of and how much.
  2. Jesus showed appropriate hospitality by providing wine for a wedding. How do you determine what is an appropriate level of hospitality for social events?
  3. What was your experience right after beginning to walk with Jesus? Did you seek out, or purposely avoid, your friends? Why? How does this compare with Jesus’ approach in Mark 2:13-17 (NIV) and Luke 19:1-10 (NIV)?
  4. Have religious people ever criticized you for associating with the wrong crowd? Was the criticism warranted? If so, how could you have redeemed those encounters? If not, how did you respond?
  5. What might it look like for your group to partner with a new believer to help them reach their lost friends for Christ?
  6. How do you use your social calendar to actively extend mercy to people? What about for those who are not like you at all?
  7. Discuss ways you have or could infuse the Good News of the kingdom (the Gospel) into social events.


Family Discussion Questions

  1. What do you think Christians should do (Matthew 28:19-20) (NIV)?
  2. Gospel alert: What is a disciple and how do you become one (John 3:16) (NIV)?
  3. Read Mark 2:13-17 (NIV). Where did Jesus go and what kind of people did he hang out with to make disciples?
  4. Does it seem strange that Jesus would hang out with sinners? What reason does Jesus give in Mark 2:17 (NIV) as to why he hangs out with the sinners and tax collectors?
  5. What are some of the places you go where you could help make new disciples?
  6. What do you think might be some of the dangers if you were to spend too much time with friends who are not believers in Jesus (1 Corinthians 15:33) (NIV)? Do you have some friendships you need to re-evaluate based on this verse?
  7. What does Proverbs 12:26 (NIV) say about how we should choose our friends? Is there a difference between a friend and an acquaintance?
  8. How does Mark 6:7 (NIV)  recommend we “go” when talking to non-believers about Jesus? Why is this a good idea (Ecclesiastes 4:12) (NIV)?


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