Overcoming Our Prejudices Through Christ, March 9-15




Overcome prejudice in your life in order to fulfill Christ’s mission.


Admit that we are all prone to prejudice (homogenous)


Confess past attitudes of prejudice


Wrestle with the uncomfortable ramification of the Gospel in prayer


Share the gospel 


Friendship evangelism (table fellowship)


In words: “Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead.”




Often God uses a most unlikely person to change the world. Through the stories of five real people, we find hope for the next generation. Samuel, Joseph, David, Timothy and Mary were ordinary young people, but God used them in a big way. And God used other people to influence these world changers at a young age: A good friend stood by David when he was under attack. A grandmother taught Timothy the Word of God. None of these people could have possibly known what God was going to do. Who knows how God might work through you to influence someone in the next generation. Who knows who he will use to change the world.


Group Discussion Questions

  1. What are some common prejudices in today’s society? What about among Christians?
  2. Describe the vision that Peter had. Why was it alarming to him (Leviticus 20:25-26)? Why does God present it to him three times? How has faith in Jesus changed our relationship to those OT laws? Read Galatians 3:26-28.
  3. Church growth advocates argue that the church should target reaching its own kind. Is this biblical? Why or why not?
  4. What custom had Peter broken in coming to them (also Acts 11:2-3)? What had God taught him that gave him the freedom to go and share the gospel with the Gentiles? What barriers of prejudice do believers have today that keep us from sharing the gospel?
  5. Should every Christian be seeking to reach those who are culturally different or is this just the gift of some? Read Matthew 28:16-20.
  6. What are some of the culturally different groups in your neighborhood, workplace and city that the Lord might want you to reach? What should you do? How can you use your home this year as a place where the gospel might be shared with others?
  7. What would you consider to be the essentials of the gospel message? What tremendous promise is given in verse 13?

Family Discussion Questions

  1. Read Acts 10:1-48 out loud as a family, alternating verses. What’s interesting to you about this story?
  2. How was Cornelius described (verse 2)? What was Cornelius’s vision? Who gave it to him? How were his gifts and prayers received by God (verse 4)? What does this say to you about your prayers and acts of service toward others?
  3. Describe Peter’s vision. What message did God give to Peter? Why was he confused with the message?
  4. What does the word “prejudice” mean (dictionary.com)? Are you prejudice toward some people? Why is that? What was God specifically talking about in verse 15? How can that be applied to God’s greatest creation (Genesis 1:26-27 & 31)?
  5. Do you show favoritism toward certain people? What does Peter realize was the true meaning of his vision (verses 28 & 34)?
  6. Who do you expect to see in heaven one day? Will you be “astonished (NIV verse 45)” by some people you thought would not be there? Who does Peter say in verse 34 that God accepts?
  7. Gospel Alert: What is the way to heaven (verse 43)? What does Peter “order” those to do who have believed in Jesus? Is being baptized your NeXt Step in following Jesus?
  8. In light of this passage and God’s free gift of salvation to all who believe, are there attitudes of favoritism or prejudice that you need to ask God to forgive you for?


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