Mary, April 13-19, 2014



Call: visited by an angel Luke 1:26-37

Greatly troubled




Character: willing servant Luke 1:38

38 “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered.

“May your word to me be fulfilled.”


Influence: Elizabeth(cousin) Luke 1:39-45



Birth: difficulty Luke 2:1-40

Life: confusion Luke 2:41-52; John 2:1-11

Death: grief John 19:26-27


Impact: blessed Luke1:42


Connection to Christ:

brings Christ into world and

becomes his disciple Acts1:14


Group Discussion Questions

  1. Have you ever sensed God was asking you to do something that seemed really hard for you, even impossible? What was it?
  2. When we face difficult calls from God, what are our typical excuses why we can’t do it? God asked Mary to do something really hard. What could have been excuses for her?
  3. When the angel Gabriel visited Mary, the Bible says she was “greatly troubled,” then he told her not be to afraid. When told she would have a baby as a virgin, Mary asked how this could possibly be. Have you ever been troubled or scared or confused over what you felt God was asking you to do?
  4. Mary’s response is a wonderful model for us. Read Luke 1:38. Restate Mary’s response in your own words. What is she communicating?
  5. How did Elizabeth encourage Mary, her cousin (Luke 1:39-45)? In a similar way how can you encourage someone who is stepping out in faith for God? Who comes to mind that you could bless?
  6. When we follow God, it is normal to face challenges. What challenges did Mary face at Jesus’ birth? How about during his life (see Luke 2:41-52 and John 2:1-11)? And then at his death (John 19:25-27)? What challenges are you facing as you seek to follow God?
  7. Mary was blessed because she believed God and willingly said, “yes,” to do what he asked even though it was scary and confusing. As a result God used her to bring the Messiah into the world. What do you sense God saying to you through Mary’s example? How could you respond to God the way she did?


Family Discussion Questions

  1. God often uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. What special job did God have for Mary? Read Luke 1:26-38. What was it about Mary that made her extraordinary in God’s eyes? What was Mary’s response to God’s call?
  2. What extraordinary gift or talent has God given you that you can use to change the world for Jesus?
  3. Think of one thing you know God has called you to do. Look back at verse 38 and consider praying those words to God.
  4. What is Gabriel’s response to Mary when she says it’s “impossible” for her to have a baby? Is there something in your life you’ve been praying for that seems impossible? How can Gabriel’s words to Mary encourage you to more fully trust God?
  5. What’s did Mary do in Luke 1:46-49? What was the theme of her song? If you were to write a song about what God has done, or will do, for you what words would you sing?
  6. Read the rest of Mary’s song together – Luke 1:50-55. Who are the people God considers to be blessed? Are these the same people that we typically think of as blessed?
  7. Read Matthew 5:1-12 together. Is there one Godly character trait that you need to work on in this list of “blessed” people? What will you do to grow in this area?
  8. Think back on the stories of Joseph, Samuel, David, Timothy and Mary. Which one have you enjoyed the most? How have they encouraged you to take the next step to change the world for Jesus? What’s stopping you from becoming “One More Who Changed the World?”



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