Mother’s Day, May 11


Honor moms by obeying them

Luke 2:48-51

Honor moms by serving them

Matthew 20:26-28

Honor moms by caring for them

John 19:26-27


Group Discussion Questions

  1. What are some reasons we should take time to honor mothers?
  2. When the Bible says to honor our fathers and mothers, it comes with a promise. What is that promise?
  3. Why do you think that particular command comes with that promise?
  4. What are some ways you can honor your mother in the adult years of your life?
  5. As a husband or wife, what are some ways you can model this to your children?
  6. As a husband, in what ways do you show your children how to honor their mother? What are some things that might undermine that?
  7. Mother’s Day is once a year, what are you going to do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to honor your parents?


Family Discussion Questions

  1. What comes to mind when you think of your mom? What does/did she do for you?
  2. How does Paul describe us in Ephesians 2:10? When you think of a masterpiece, what comes to mind? How can you think of your mom as God’s masterpiece? Do you think of yourself this way?
  3. How can tenderly wiping noses compete with serving as a missionary overseas? What if you viewed your daily mundane tasks as sacred adventures to invite God’s presence to transform you?
  4. What does God tell us to do through Paul’s words in 1 Thessalonians 5:11? How does it feel to receive words of encouragement? Who needs to hear words of encouragement from you today?
  5. In what ways is being a mom like a job? What is the goal of being a mom? How has our culture’s value on being a mom changed? Is it harder to be a mom today than in Jesus’ day?
  6. Are you tempted to think that God does not see you or has forgotten about you? What does Isaiah 49:15-16 say about God’s love toward us? How can these verses encourage you today?
  7. What things disturb your peace? How do you react when things aren’t going your way? How can the truth of John 14:27 and Isaiah 26:3 help conquer your stress and lack of courage? Who has God given us to help (John 14:26)?
  8. Beginning today, what one new way can you grow in showing honor, love and respect to your mom and the moms in your life?



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