Yahweh, May 18-24



 Name: YHWH = LORD = Yahweh

Burning Bush – I AM WHO I AM, Exodus 3

Significance: Yahweh

Unique self-existing One



Jesus is Yahweh, John 8

Group Discussion Questions

  1. Why do you think it is important to really know God? What might be the value or benefits of knowing God?
  2. How does your version of the Bible translate the name, “Yahweh”? You might read the introduction where the translators explain their decision.
  3. Scan Exodus chapters 1-2 and summarize the situation. What was happening in Egypt? Where was Moses and why?
  4. Read Exodus 3:1-15. What was concerning God? What does he ask of Moses? How does Moses push back? How do you imagine Moses was feeling at this point?
  5. How does God describe himself in Exodus 3:14? What does the name Yahweh signify (consider Bruce’s sermon and look up notes in a study Bible)?
  6. How is our God-image more important than our self-image?
  7. How should we respond to knowing that God is Yahweh?
  8. Read John 8:48-59. How is Jesus related to Yahweh? What is the significance of this truth?


Family Discussion Questions

  1. Read Exodus 3:1-6 as a family and summarize the story in your own words. If you were Moses, what would you do? What would you be thinking? Feeling?
  2. What word does God use to describe the place where Moses is and what does God require Moses to do and why (verse 5)? Why do you think Moses was afraid?
  3. How would you describe the word “holy”? In what ways are we “set apart” as Christians? How should this change the way we act?
  4. What name does God tell Moses to call him (Exodus 3:13-15)? In your own words how would you describe the meaning of God’s name? Does this change how you will respond to him? Worship him?
  5. Fast forward to John 8:53-59. Who does Jesus say he is in verse 58? What is he saying about himself? Who would you say Jesus is based on what Jesus says about himself? How does this change or add to your understanding of him?
  6. Because “I am” came to us, what does he offer us through Jesus (John 14:6)? What must you do to come to the Father (1 John 1:9)? Have you done that? What promise of the confession of your sin does “I am” give you (John 3:16)? What power does Jesus promise to give you upon your confession of faith in him (John 14:15-18)?
  7. “I am” was. “I am” is. “I am” will be. How does this description of God motivate you to live more fully for him?
  8. Take a few moments as a family to contemplate, with amazement and praise, the wonder of who God is! How can you make your praise of God a more regular part of your day?



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