Impact 168: Church, August 3-9

Ephesians 1-4


This Week’s Service

Open Up the Heavens


Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)

One Thing Remains (Your Love Never Fails)

Grace So Glorious


In Christ Alone




God has lavished his grace on us:

giving us every spiritual blessing in Christ,

transforming us into members of his divine family,

Christ’s body and the Spirit’s temple,

and calling us to be his Church.


You are Christ’s church,

so do your part.


What’s Going On

First Step Dinner, August 10 at 5-6:30 pm
First Step Class, Aug. 24, 10:45 am
Check the box on your Care Card to register. At First Step, you’ll hear the heart of Christ Fellowship, meet others and get connected. We’ve made it easy, just sign up and show up!

What’s your NeXt Step to follow Christ?
We all have a NeXt Step we can take towards Christ. If you’re not involved in a group this summer, that’s a great place to start! We have options for every stage of life. Visit the Next Step kiosk or check out available groups and courses online to learn more.

Volunteer Expo
If you have been looking for a way to get plugged in to serve here at Christ Fellowship, today is the day. Immediately following the service, representatives from all the various ministry areas are available out on Main Street to talk with you and answer questions about your area of interest and how best to get started. Don’t miss it. It will be worth your time.

Need a campus map on where each ministry is located after services today? Download a pdf of the map

Equipping for Impact
Our annual equipping conference is on August 16, 9-4 pm. Spend the day with friends and family being trained and equipped to serve and impact both inside and outside the church. Sessions are geared for middle schoolers and above. The event is free, lunch is free and childcare is free with advance registration online. Register online or visit us at our kiosk today.

Life Group 101 Training
Our next basic training class for new and potential Life Group leaders (and current leaders who may want a refresher is August 26, 6-8:30 pm. Dinner and childcare provided with registration. Contact Tracie Ewing at

If you have accepted Christ and are ready to take the next step of being baptized on August 17, use your Care Card to let us know or sign up online. Rehearsal is tomorrow, August 4 at 7 pm.

Webb Elementary School Supply Drive
Donate new school supplies for the upcoming school year! Backpacks and all essential elementary school supplies are needed. Drop off donations through August 17 in the Webb containers at the church entrance. A full list of needs is available online. Contact is Deb Beasley,

Promiseland Worship
Promiseland is looking for passionate singers to help lead children in worship during our Sunday morning experience. You bring your voice and enthusiasm, we’ll provide the music and training. Please contact Julie Woodward at

Men’s Breakfast
Join us for our monthly breakfast this Saturday, August 9 at 8 am in Room 201 and hear Jon Ewton share the challenges of “Balancing Church, Work and Family.” Coffee will be ready at 7:30 am. Cost is $5 at the door for a hearty breakfast and there’s no charge for newcomers.

Job Opportunity
Promiseland Preschool is looking for a certified teacher for a lead position in our Pre-K (4’s) class. Please contact Karen Stein,

Make Room Project
We’re making room for children, students, adults and the gospel! It’s not too late to make a commitment or give your initial offering to get the building project started. Place your gift in the offering bag or give online at

Download the study guide in e-version or sign up for daily study emails:


Group Discussion Questions

  1. Reflect on who God is and what he has done for us in Christ; What stands out as the most stunningly wonderful?
  2. Read the first 14 verses of Ephesians 1 and list all the blessings God has given to us in his amazing grace.
  3. What does Paul pray for at the end of chapter 1? How does he describe the church in verses 22-23? What do you think he means that we are “the fullness of him”?
  4. Read chapter 2 looking for more spiritual blessings. What has God done for us and who has he made us to be?
  5. Read chapter 3 looking for more blessings (verses 6-11). What did God call Paul to and how does he describe himself? Notice the wonderful prayer at the end of the chapter and the place of the church in verse 21. For what is God is giving us his power?
  6. Read 4:1-16. Verse one is the hinge verse between the two main parts of Ephesians chapters 1-3 and 4-6. What is Paul’s charge in verse one, and how does it relate to the previous three chapters? Looking especially at verses 7, 11-12 and 16, what is our responsibility as members of Christ’s body?
  7. Since you are Christ’s church, how will you do your part? How are you serving, or how will you serve, in the church?


Family Discussion Questions

  1. What goes unique mean and what is unique and special about you?
  2. Why does God make us unique? What would it be like if we were identical to everyone else?
  3. What do you think your life’s purpose is? Read Romans 12:4-8. How does this passage help you understand your uniqueness and purpose? How would you describe this passage in your own words?
  4. What is the purpose of the church and how does it work? What examples can you think of where the church helps people?
  5. Is there a part of your body that does not work? Should there be a part of the church body that does not help the purpose of the church? What would happen if a part of your body says it doesn’t want to work anymore (think of your eyes, hands or tongue)? What if no one served in the church?
  6. What reasons do we give for not serving at church? What could you and your family re-prioritize to make serving at Christ Fellowship a priority?
  7. What are some of the benefits of serving others? What clue does Paul give us about living a life that serves others in Philippians 4:9?
  8. What unique talents and abilities has God given you to serve his church at Christ Fellowship? What’s your next step in giving back to him the abilities he has given you?


Financial Summary

Giving Year-To-Date

Week 4 of 52

Projected     Actual     Variance
$264,638 $250,478 ($14,160

July 27 attendance: 2,082

Where do our gifts go?


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