Follow Jesus, Oct. 5-11

Matthew 4:12-25


This Week’s Service

One Thing Remains (Your Love Never Fails)
Lord’s Supper
Lord I Need You
Man of Sorrows
Jesus Paid it All
Let Your Kingdom Come



Challenge: repent
Teaching: “repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near

Call: follow me
Proclaiming: “come, follow me and I will send you out to fish for people

Immediately – no delay

Leave everything – no holding back

Power: heal
Healing: “healing every disease and sickness


What’s Going On

Sermon Series Oct. 19–Nov. 16

We’re going there — we’re going to talk about sexuality, and because we are people guided by the Word, we’re going to the Bible for answers. Discover a fresh biblical view of sexuality and learn how to have gracious, truth-filled conversations on this topic.

Parents, we are gearing the sermons towards 6th grade and above. Promiseland is available for children from age 0 to 5th grade.

What Are Your Questions? | Sexuality Q & A
Oct. 26 and Nov. 9, 5–7 pm
Ask questions and join us for one of two Q & A panel discussions with Bruce Miller and others on the topic of Sexuality. Anyone is welcome to attend.

Invite your friends to join us for the series!

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First Step Class, Oct. 26 at 10:45 am
First Step Dinner, Oct. 12 at 5-6:30 pm
Check the box on your Care Card to register. At First Step, you’ll hear the heart of Christ Fellowship, meet others and get connected. We’ve made it easy, just sign up and show up!

What’s your NeXt Step to follow Christ?
We all have a NeXt Step we can take towards Christ. If you’re not involved in a group this fall, that’s a great place to start! We have options for every stage of life. Visit the Next Step kiosk or check out available groups and courses in the Groups Guide or online to learn more.

NeXt Step Guide
We want to meet you where you are and help you take your NeXt Step to become more like Christ. Pick up a NeXt Step guide and find out what the right NeXt Step is for you. Also available online.

Make Room Project
We’re making room for children, students, adults and the gospel! Please continue to pray how you can be involved. To give, place your gift in the offering bag or give online.

If you have accepted Christ and are ready to take the next step by being baptized on Oct. 12, use your Care Card to let us know or sign up online.

New Believer’s Class
Sunday, Oct. 19, 10:55-11:40 am for any child who has professed faith in Christ and would like to know what’s next. Join your child for this presentation in Room 170.

Men’s Breakfast
Join us for our monthly breakfast Saturday, Oct. 11 at 8 am in Room 201 as we celebrate our men’s ministry leader, Stan Russell. Coffee will be ready at 7:30 am. Cost is $5 at the door and there’s no charge for newcomers. Hearty breakfast included.

Women’s Retreat
Come and get away, Oct. 24-26, to our annual Women’s Retreat at Pine Cove. Speaker JoAnn Hummell will take us on “A Journey of Faith.” You will be refreshed and inspired! Register online or visit the kiosk today.

Global Prayer Meeting
Prayer has the power to change things and see God at work. Join us at the Global Prayer Meeting on Sunday, Oct. 19, 9-10 am in Room 170 to pray for our global workers that serve locally and globally.

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Group Discussion Questions

  1. Why is it so bad for Christians to be hypocritical? Throughout your life, how have hypocritical Christians affected you?
  2. What all have you learned about Jesus in the first four chapters of Matthew?
  3. What does repentance involve? Of what do you need to repent?
  4. Have you ever trusted in Jesus Christ as your Savior? Share your story of when you became a Christian.
  5. How did the four fishermen respond to Jesus’ call? How do we often delay our response to Jesus’ call in our lives?
  6. The men left their nets, their boat and their father. By analogy what do you need to leave behind to fully follow Jesus?
  7. How do you see Jesus’ power in Matthew 4:23-25?
  8. Jesus calls us to repent, follow him and fish for people. What do you need to do to respond to Jesus? How can you better “fish for people”?


Family Discussion Questions

  1. Have you ever been fishing? How do you fish? Describe what it’s like to catch one and pull it to shore? What qualities do you need to be a good fisherman?
  2. What job did Peter, Andrew, James and John have? What does Jesus tell his disciples to do in Matthew 4:19 (Great memory verse!)? How can you become a fisher of men?
  3. What did the disciples do when Jesus called them? How did they go?
  4. How do you hear Jesus calling you today? What are you called to do (Matthew 28:19-20)?
  5. Can you name the 12 original disciples (Luke 6:12-16, Matthew 10:2-4)? What do you know about them? Would you have followed him?
  6. How did Jesus go about showing he was God (Matthew 4:23-25)? What was the result?
  7. Who do you know that needs Jesus’ healing today? Pray for Christ to heal their sickness.


Eldorado Campus Financial Summary

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Sept. 28 Attendance: 2,310

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