The True Light Shines For All, Dec. 7-13

John 1:6-13


Divine sending:

God sent John to witness to The Light

            so all will believe


Divine coming:

The True Light came into the world he made

            to enlighten all


Divine giving:

The Light gives the right to become children of God

            to all who believe in his name.

Group Discussion Questions

  1. How do Christmas lights move you emotionally, if they do?
  2. What do we know about John from verses 6-8? Why is it significant to state that John is not the Light? To know that we are not the Light?
  3. As believers in Jesus, how are we like John? How are we also “sent”? How are we also “witnesses” so that people might believe?
  4. What do we learn about the “True Light” in verses 9-11?
  5. What “right” does the True light give? And to whom is this right given?
  6. How does a person become a child of God? What does a person do? What does God do?
  7. Over this Christmas season how can we practically witness about the Light? To whom might God be sending us?

Family Discussion

  1. Have you ever seen an accident? After you saw it what did you do? What is a witness and what do they do?
  2. How does the apostle John describe John the Baptist in John 1:6-8? Who is the Light of the world?
  3. What does a light do? Read Matthew 5:14-16 and Psalm 119:105.
  4. What does John says is the purpose of God’s message to us in his gospel (John 20:30-31)?
  5. What do you think are the rights of children mentioned in verse 12? What promise does God give to those who receive and believe in Jesus (John 3:16)? Have you received this promise?
  6. How can you let the light of Jesus shine through you this Christmas season and beyond?
  7. To help you in taking practical Next Steps as a family to let your light shine, see week two of the study guide.
  8. Activity: How will you let your light shine? For younger children:




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