When Is Life “Good” For You?, Dec. 28 – Jan. 3

Psalm 73

This Week’s Service



When is life “good” for you?


My life is not “good” right now because…


What Asaph believes:
God is good to his people who are totally committed to him. (verse 1)


What Asaph actually experienced:
Wicked people prosper and he was chastened despite his spiritual exertion. (verses 1-14)  


What happened to change Asaph’s mind:
He came into the presence of God—the one totally true and sane Being in the universe. (verses 15-20)


Aspah’s Joyous Discovery:
Even in his confusion, doubts, and bitterness, God did not abandon him. (verses 21-24)


Aspah’s Most Joyous Discovery:
The essence of good is being near to God. (verses 25-28)


The essence of good:


Group Discussion Questions

  1. What is your personal definition of “a good year”?
  2. Is God good to the people who are totally dedicated to him? You may need to define “good” before you answer this question (verse 1).
  3. What goes through your heart and mind when a wicked person prospers, advances, takes advantage of others, or gets away with murder (verses 2-14)?
  4. What goes through your heart and mind when a God-fearing, God-loving, God-honoring person experiences terrific harm?
  5. How would a person “come into the presence of God and experience spiritual recalibration” (verses 15-20)?
  6. How can we expect God to be with us when we are senseless, confused, doubting, bitter and acting like a “beast” (verses 15-20)?
  7. What would it look like in your life to live out verse 28?

Family Discussion

  1. How would you describe the most perfect day? What would be a bad day for you?
  2. How does the Psalmist describe God’s attitude toward his people in Psalm 73:1? What do you think it means to be “pure in heart”? Is there anyone who is truly pure in heart all the time?
  3. Describe what’s going on in verses 3-12? How do you feel about people who always seem to get their own way, even by doing things they shouldn’t?
  4. When we spend a lot of time around people who are not following the Lord, how are we tempted by their actions (verses 2-3)? What negative or improper feelings does it create in us?
  5. How did Asaph keep his eyes focused on what God wanted of him (verse 17)? How can you practically enter into the presence of God?
  6. What is the ultimate truth for those who are far from God in their beliefs and actions (verse 19)? What ultimately does Asaph say is good (verse 20)? How is this the same or different from your answer to question 1? What promise does God offer to those who are near to him?
  7. What truths about God do you see in verses 23-26? This week take turns reciting these verses out loud as a prayer of praise and thanksgiving to God.




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