Next Steps For A New Year, Jan. 4-10

Philippians 1:1-11




God is at work and he can be trusted


You are deeply loved and prayed for


Abounding love produces discernment and holiness


“I believe my best NeXt Step is…”


Group Discussion Questions

  1. What are one or two things you thank God for that he has done in your life this past year?
  2. How does the understanding that God is at work in and through your life affect the way you make daily decisions?
  3. What difference does it make, and how do you respond, knowing that you have friends and leaders who love and pray for you?
  4. What are some specific ways that you would like to see your love “abound more and more” in the year ahead?
  5. Share with the group at least one particular “next step” you would like to begin taking this week so they can encourage and pray for you.


Family Discussion

  1. What are your hopes and dreams for 2015?
  2. What things had you hoped to accomplish is 2014 but didn’t? Why was that?
  3. Read Paul’s letter to the Philippians verses 1:1-11. How does Paul describe himself in verse 1? What is it like to be a servant? How are you a servant for Christ?
  4. How would you describe Paul’s feelings for the people in Philippi? What words does he use to describe how he feels?
  5. What does Paul do for the Philippians (verses 3-4)? How is your prayer life? Who are you in prayer for? What could you do to make prayer a higher priority in your life? How do we pray?
  6. Read Matthew 6:9-13 as a model for how we should pray. How does the prayer start? What pattern does it follow (ACTS: Adoration of the Father, Confession of our Sins, Thankfulness for our Blessings, Supplication [asking] for ourselves)?
  7. What specifically does Paul pray for the Philippians in verses 9-11? Can you pray this prayer for yourself? How might your hopes and dreams be different in 2015 if guided by this prayer?
  8. What next step can you and your family take to grow in the likeness of Jesus and show him to the world? At you can find practical guidance in taking next steps toward Christlikeness.



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