Go And Be Reconciled, Jan. 18-24

Matthew 5:17-26



Follow Jesus’ commands and help others follow them

            Jesus completes (metamorphizes) God’s permanent word

            To be great in Jesus’ Kingdom: obey and teach his commands


DON’T get hatefully angry and insult people

            Mental murder results in divine judgment

            Verbal murder results in divine judgment


DO reconcile with people

   Situation 1: you remember your brother has something against you

                                    Priority: leave worship and go be reconciled

            Situation 2: your adversary has a legal dispute against you

                                    Urgency: come to agreement quickly


[Guides for reconciliation: Matthew 18; Galatians 6; Ephesians 4]


Group Discussion Questions

  1. How do people tend to wrongly view the Old Testament today?
  2. According to Matthew 5, what is the relationship of Jesus to “the Law and the prophets” (the Old Testament)? Explain.
  3. What level of righteousness must we exhibit to enter the kingdom of heaven? With the teaching of the rest of the New Testament in view, how can anyone be that righteous?
  4. What must one do to be called great in the kingdom of heaven? How could you correlate what Jesus says with Christ Fellowship’s mission statement? [Visit CFhome.org/identity for our mission statement]
  5. How does Jesus take the command against murder to a deeper level?
  6. In what situations, places or people do you most often get angry? Who do you say angry words to the most? How will you change?
  7. How would you re-tell the final two brief stories Jesus tells in your own words (verses 23-26)? With whom do you need to reconcile? What will you do and when will you do it?


Family Discussion

  1. What kinds of promises or commitments do you make to your friends or family members?
  2. Is there a difference in saying with our mouths what we should do and actually doing it? What do we call someone who says one thing and does another (hypocrite)?
  3. What does Matthew 5:19 say about obedience to what God says we should do? How do people know you love God (John 13:35)?
  4. How does Matthew 22:37-39 summarize what God commands us to do? How does this verse compare to 1 John 4:20?
  5. What things make you angry? What can your anger lead to? What does Jesus equate anger to in Matthew 5:21-22?
  6. Is there a difference between anger in your heart that nobody sees and anger we can see displayed by our actions?
  7. How does anger contradict the commands God gives us in Matthew 22:37-39? What specific actions does God require us to do to mend broken relationships (Matthew 5:23-25)?
  8. Who have you been harboring anger against? What will you do to take the next steps in mending this relationship?




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