Let Your ‘Yes’ Be Yes, Jan. 25 – Feb. 1


Matthew 5:27-37




Stay pure in your heart: no lust

Better to lose your eye and your hand


Stay committed to your spouse: no divorce

Except for porneia


Stay true to your word: no lies

Quit evil word games



         Welcome the Holy Spirit’s conviction

                       Confess your sin to our gracious Father

                                    Consecrate yourself to follow Jesus Christ


Group Discussion Questions

    1. Of these three, which do you think is the biggest issue or the most damaging in our culture: lust, divorce or lying?
    2. What does Jesus say constitutes adultery in our hearts? How would you distinguish mental adultery (lust) from temptation?
    3. Jesus gives two graphic illustrations, drastic actions with our eyes and hands, to get rid of lustful desiring. What examples can you give of drastic measures we could take today to avoid lust? What do you need to cut out of your life?
    4. What is Jesus saying about marriage and divorce? What are valid and invalid reasons to get divorced?
    5. In Matthew 5:33-37 Jesus’ point is that we should stay true to our word. Where in our lives are lies most common? What kinds of word-games or rationalizations do we use to justify not keeping our word? Where do you need to grow in staying true to your word?
    6. From all that Jesus says about staying pure in your heart, committed to your spouse and true to your word, where are you most convicted? Are there sins you feel comfortable confessing right now?
    7. After we receive God’s amazing gracious forgiveness in Jesus Christ for our sin, we then consecrate (dedicate) ourselves freshly to follow Jesus, holding nothing back. In view of this passage, where will you consecrate yourself to more fully follow Jesus Christ?


 Family Discussion

  1. Do you have any bad habits? How do you think those bad habits began? Are any of those bad habits sinful?
  2. Is there a difference between a “fleeting” inappropriate thought and “dwelling” on that thought?
  3. Where is your heart? Are there areas in your life where you have already made up your mind to sin?
  4. What does Jesus say in Matthew 5:29-30 about those things that cause us to sin? Is Jesus being literal or figurative in these verses? What’s the difference?
  5. How does Joseph apply Jesus’ teaching in Genesis 39:11-12? How can you apply Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 5:29-30 to what you watch on TV? Or the internet? The music you listen to? The friends you spend time with? The food and drink you take into your body?
  6. What casual promises do you make without real intentions of following through with? How can you develop the habit of thinking about the cost of fulfilling your promises before making them?
  7. Action: This week pray Psalm 139:23-24 aloud as a family and privately in your alone time with God. What sin(s) do you need to confess to God and ask forgiveness of your neighbor?






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