Turn The Other Cheek, Feb. 1-8, 2015

Matthew 5:38-48



Bless Evildoers: no resistance

            Insults – turn the other cheek

            Injustice – give your coat

            Imposition – go the second mile

            Request for money – give it

            Desire to borrow something – lend it


Love your Enemies: no hate

            Pray for people who hurt you

            Greet people who are different from you


So you will be like your heavenly Father

            Who blesses the evil and the good

            Who is “perfect”


Group Discussion Questions

1. Where is revenge most common in our culture? In our personal lives?

2. How does Jesus counter the old teaching of “an eye for an eye”? How is his way of life different?

3. Jesus uses five examples of not resisting an evil person. Pick a few of the five to spend more time on. For each one ask: What does it mean? What principle is Jesus illustrating with his historical example? What are examples today of how to apply this in our lives? And what do you need to do differently, with whom?

Insults – turn the other cheek
Injustice – give your coat
Imposition – go the second mile
Request for money – give it
Desire to borrow something – lend it

4. Jesus says we are to love our enemies. Who might be considered a person’s “enemy” in today’s world? In our daily lives?

5. Jesus says to pray for those who hurt you. Have you ever done that? What makes it hard? What might be the benefits? For whom could you commit to pray blessings?

6. Jesus says to greet people different from us. Who do you tend to avoid? Who could you warmly greet who is different from you?

7. As his children, we are to be like our heavenly Father. How does Jesus describe our heavenly Father?


Family Discussion

1. Can you recall a fight or a squabble with your brother, sister or friend? What were you fighting over? Who started it? How did it end?

2. Is there a fight or struggle that you’re wrestling with right now? What emotions and feelings do you have?

3. When someone hurts you what do you want to do? Why?

4. Read Matthew 5:38-42. What is Jesus telling his disciples here? How is it different from your answer to question 3?

5. What would happen if you treated people the way Jesus suggests we do in this passage?

6. What’s an enemy? What do they typically want to do? Do you have any enemies? How does verse 44 say we should treat our enemies?

7. What is God’s promise to us when we follow His commands in verse 44 (v. 45)? How do you think God feels towards those who hated Him (Romans 5:8)? When we love the way Jesus loves, whom do we become like (v.48)?

8. Is there an “enemy” or friend you need to show love toward? Pray for or bless? Have you acted as an enemy toward someone and need to ask their forgiveness? Share with your family what next step you can take to mend this relationship.




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