Your Kingdom Come, Feb. 8-14

Matthew 6:1-18




Don’t blow a trumpet
Left hand does not know right hand
Your Father will reward you




Not so people can see you
Not to get God to hear you
In your secret room
Your Father will reward you


Honor God

Your Name
Your Kingdom
Your Will

Depend on God

Our daily bread
Our debts
Our deliverance


Don’t put on a sad face for show
Wash your face
Your Father will reward you


Group Discussion Questions

  1. Where do you see religious hypocrisy in American churches? In your own life? Let’s be honest with each other, how are we spiritual hypocrites?
  2. Jesus drives to the motives behind giving, praying and fasting. At issue is audience: other people or God. Giving and praying are commanded in the New Testament. How would you evaluate your heart attitude in your giving? Your praying?
  3. If you are not where you should be in your giving or praying, what’s one step you could take to grow in giving or praying so you are more faithful to Christ?


Family Discussion

  1. What do you think it means when we say, “you are who you are when no one is looking”?
  2. Read Matthew 6:1-18. What is Jesus telling his followers about giving, prayer and fasting? Who is the focus of these activities? Who is not? What next step will you take in these areas and how can you make Jesus the focus of your worship?
  3. Memorize (or re-memorize) Matthew 6:9-13 together as a family.






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