You Cannot Serve Two Masters, Feb. 15-21

Matthew 6:19-34



Live for God, not money

One Heart: Invest treasure in heaven, not earth

Because only heavenly treasure lasts

Because your heart follows your money

One Vision: See clearly what really matters

Because, if so, your life is bright, but if not, your life is dark

One Master: Serve God, not money

Because you cannot serve both

Trust God, don’t worry

1.  Life is more important than stuff

2.  Your Father will feed you (more than birds)

3.  Worry is impotent

4.  God will clothe you (more than flowers)

5.  Worry is faithless

6.  Worry is pagan

7.  Your Father knows your needs

 Seek first God’s righteous rule without worry

God will provide for you

Today is enough


Group Discussion Questions

  1. What evidence do you see around you that people in our society “serve” money? How do we “store up treasure” on “earth”? How do you do this?
  2. What are ways we can invest in heavenly treasure? And why is that better than storing up earthly treasure?
  3. How is what we do with our treasures tied to our heart? Why can we not serve God and money? How do we try to do that?
  4. How is Matthew 6:19-24 related to the next paragraph in verses 25-32?
  5. In verses 25-32 Jesus gives seven reasons not to worry. Which ones are most compelling to you? Why?
  6. What is Jesus’ conclusion to the chapter? What next step can you take with your money (treasures) to more fully seek first God’s righteous rule?

Family Discussion


  1. Do you have a favorite toy, video game, piece of clothing or some very special possession? How did you get it? What are your feelings toward it? What would happen if you lost it?
  2. Read Matthew 6:19. What is the ultimate end to your prized possession in question 1?
  3. Rather than earthly possessions, what does Jesus says should be our goal in verse 20? What contrast does he make to the treasure we store in heaven versus earth? What kind of treasures are these?
  4. How does your heart follow the things that you treasure? How can this be a bad thing or a good thing? What things that are of no lasting heavenly value are you letting too much of your heart follow?
  5. What does Jesus say about serving God and serving the world in verse 24? What does this look like to you?
  6. Read verses 25-34. What picture is Jesus painting for us here? (Young children may want to draw a picture representing these verses.) How does Jesus describe us in relation to the rest of creation?
  7. In what areas of your life are you prone to worry? What is Jesus’ message to us?
  8. Where does Jesus tell us to focus our lives? What specific things could you do to seek God’s kingdom over worldly possessions?




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