Do Not Judge, Feb. 22 – Mar. 1

Matthew 7:1-12



Do not hypocritically condemn others

            Or you will be condemned in the same way


But humbly help others

            First remove the plank from your own eye

            Then remove the speck from your brother’s eye

                        Avoiding those who do not want your help,

                        because they will hurt you.


Seek God for good wisdom

            To do good to others


Group Discussion Questions

  1. Why do you think many unchurched people view Christians as judgmental? How, in fact, are we often guilty of being judgmental?
  2. Rather than condemning others, what does Jesus say we should do? What should we do first? How can we appropriately remove another’s “splinter”?
  3. What kind of people do we avoid helping get out splinters (verse 6)?
  4. What do verses 7-11 teach us about God that encourages us to pray?
  5. How do you, at times, doubt that God will give you good gifts?
  6. How does the Golden Rule (verse 12) summarize this section of the Sermon on the Mount? Compare Matthew 7:12 to 5:17.

Family Discussion

  1. Have you heard or said the phrase “you’re not the judge of me”? What were you really saying or hearing?
  2. What is a judge and what do they do? What command is Jesus giving us in verse 1? Who is our ultimate Judge, and on what basis will be accepted by God (John 3:16)?
  3. In what ways do we judge people? In what ways have you been judged both fairly and un-fairly?
  4. What is Matthew 7:3-4 saying? What’s a hypocrite and in what ways might you be one?
  5. What do you think the “holy” things are that Jesus is talking about in verse 6? As Christians what does God expect of us? Is it always easy to share your faith in Jesus with other people?
  6. What is Jesus talking about in verses 6–11? What might you be “asking, seeking and knocking” for in the context of verse 6?
  7. Does how someone treats you change how you should treat them (verse 12)? Is there someone you have unfairly judged? Ask God to show you how he can help you with that person or situation? What might he be asking you to do?






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