Zacchaeus, March 15-22

Luke 19:1-10



Before Jesus, Zacchaeus was…



Hated and Rejected


After Jesus, Zacchaeus is…

Still Short


Loved and Accepted


Jesus’ Mission

Seek and save the lost


Group Discussion Questions

  1. Take a moment and have a couple of people in the group share their story of how their life is not the same since they’ve accepted Jesus.
  2. Why do you think our lives are forever changed when you encounter Jesus?
  3. Read Luke 19:1-10. What was Zacchaues like before and after he encountered Jesus?
  4. What are some excuses people use to not accept Christ? How do we help others work through these excuses?
  5. Read about the Rich Young Ruler (Luke 18:18-23). What is different between the Rich Young Ruler and Zacchaues?
  6. What are your thoughts on Jesus being the Lord of your life?
  7. Are there areas of your life where you will not give control over to God? What are they? Why do you think you hold on to those areas?
  8. Re-read Luke 19:10. What is Jesus clearly saying his purpose is for coming to earth? How do we engage in that mission?
  9. How can we get off track from this mission? How do we keep from getting off track?


Family Discussion Questions

  1. Who is your favorite superhero and why? What does a superhero do? Who does he or she help?
  2. What is Zacchaeus’ problem in Luke 19:1-3? What does he do about it (verse 4)?
  3. Does Jesus treat people differently? How did Jesus receive Zacchaeus? What did he say to him? What about you, are there certain people you tend to treat differently than others?
  4. How did some people in the crowd respond to Jesus (verse 7)? Why did they do that? How did they describe Zacchaeus in this verse? What is a sinner? Are you a sinner?
  5. What other problem does Zacchaeus have (verse 10)? What do you think Jesus meant when he said Zacchaeus was “lost”?
  6. What does Jesus say about why he left Heaven and came to earth in verses 9-10? How do you know whether you are lost or not (John 3:16; Romans 10:9)?
  7. How did Zacchaeus respond to Jesus in verse 8? What was different about him after his encounter with Jesus? What about you, how are you different because of your encounter with Jesus?
  8. Here’s a song that will help younger children remember the story of Zacchaeus:



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