John, March 29 – April 4



“Son of Zebedee” – the fisherman, Matthew 4:18-22

         Jesus ______________, John _________________


“Son of Thunder” – Boanerges

John ______________. Jesus ______________. John ______________.

         Demanded a place of honor, Mark 10:35-45
         Asked to call down fire, Luke 9:46-55


“Beloved Disciple”

Jesus _____________ John. He _________________ in Jesus


“Apostle of Love”

Jesus ___________ John. He _____________ others for Jesus


Group Discussion Questions

  1. If you have ever had nicknames, what were they and where did they come from? How do you feel about your nicknames? What kinds of things create nicknames?
  2. How did John respond when Jesus called him (Matthew 4:21-23)? What might someone have to “leave” today in order to follow Jesus?
  3. Jesus gave John the nickname Boanerges, son of thunder. What do you think that name likely implied? How does the story in Mark 10:35-45 give us insight into this nickname?
  4. The stories in Luke 9:46-55 add color to why John was called one of the “sons of thunder.” How do we make similar mistakes today in seeking greatness, stopping others or calling down fire?
  5. Jesus loved John in spite of all his failings, so that he was called “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” How does John finally respond to Jesus when he sees the empty tomb (John 20:8)? How can we respond similarly today?
  6. John’s final nickname was the “apostle of love.” How do you explain John’s radical transformation from thunder to love?
  7. How do you most want God to transform you? If you could gain a new nickname what might it be?


Family Discussion Questions

  1. What’s the story behind your name? Why did your parents call you that? Do you have a nickname? What does it mean to be called a Christian?
  2. Do you remember when you were first called to follow Jesus? Share your story with your family. How did John, the son of Zebedee, respond in Matthew 4:18-22? What did it cost John to follow Jesus?
  3. Is there a cost for you to follow Jesus? What does the word “sacrifice” mean? What do you sacrifice to be a Christ follower? What did Jesus sacrifice (Mark 10:45)?
  4. What do John and his brother James ask for in Mark 10:35-45? How does Jesus’ life reflect the truth he teaches them in verses 42-44? What is it like to be a servant? Whose needs do you focus on when you serve? How, and to whom, can you be a better servant?
  5. Why does Jesus use the example of a child in Luke 9:46-48 to teach about serving? Who are the “least of these” in your life that you could serve?
  6. How does “the disciple Jesus loved” become “the disciple that loved” in John 19:25-27? In what ways can you specifically care for your family in sacrificial ways?
  7. Read John 20:1-10. When is this taking place? What happens in verse 8? How does this verse relate back to Mark 10:45? What does John “believe”?
  8. Do you believe in the truth of John 20:10? Have you taken the next step of believing in the truth of Jesus’ resurrection? With whom can you share this truth by inviting them to join you for Easter services this coming weekend?



Eldorado Campus Financial Summary

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Projected            Actual               Variance
$2,918,490        $2,791,646      ($126,844)

March 22 Attendance: 2,314

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