Jesus Heals Our Sickness, Apr. 12-18, 2015

Matthew 8:1–17



Jesus crosses religious barriers to heal leprosy.


Jesus crosses racial barriers to heal paralysis.


Jesus crosses gender barriers to heal fever.


Group Discussion Questions

  1. In what ways do people use the word “miracle”? How would you define a miracle? What is it?
  2. Have you ever experienced a miracle, or someone you know personally? Share the story.
  3. What are some of the biggest barriers and prejudices that divide people today? What barriers are hard for American suburban Christians to cross?
  4. Read Matthew 8:1-4. What is most striking to you about this story? What did the leper say to Jesus? How did he express both confidence in God’s power and submission to God’s will? How can we do that today?
  5. Read Matthew 8:5-13. How did the centurion show great faith? What are contrasting eternal consequences of our faith, or lack of it, according to Jesus? Could someone think they are saved and not be?
  6. Read Matthew 8:14-15. How is Jesus’ healing of Peter’s mother-in-law different from his healing of the leper or the centurion’s servant, and how it is the same?
  7. Do you believe God does miracles today? Why or why not? Do you believe he would do a miracle in your life?


Family Discussion Questions

  1. What is a miracle? Have you ever experienced one or heard a story of someone else’s miracle experience?
  2. Read Matthew 8:1-18. What is a leper? What words does the leper use in verse 2 to ask Jesus to heal him? Was there a question in the leper’s mind whether Jesus could heal him or not?
  3. What is an eyewitness and why are their stories of events so important? Why do you think the leper, the centurion and the “many” in verse 16 came to Jesus? What did they believe?
  4. What was Jesus’ reaction to the centurion’s belief in him to heal his daughter (verse 10)? Why was he amazed?
  5. Do you believe in the truth of John 3:16? How does this shape your belief in the miracles that Jesus performed? Why do the Gospel writers record so many of Jesus’ miracles?
  6. How does Matthew 8:17 relate to the prophecies of the hoped for Messiah? How does Jesus fulfill the Isaiah 53:4 prophecy?
  7. Do you believe that Jesus can or could heal you of your current or future sicknesses? How can the belief in Jesus’ miracles change the way you communicate with God?
  8. What miracles will you pray for God to work in your life and in those you love?



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