Representing Christ In Your Home, May 10-16



This child belongs to God, Not Me


Spiritual Parenting is my primary parenting role                          


Live as a brother and sister in Christ

Based on what others see and hear what is most important to you?


What are ​three ways you can help a brother or sister in Christ grow?


Group Discussion Questions

Focus on the questions that are most relevant to your group and skim or skip those that are not at this time.

  1. What does it mean in Matthew 18:2-6 for a person to become like a little child so they can enter the kingdom of heaven? What are some ways a person can do this?
  2. Scott talked about children belonging to God because ultimately he created them. How do you view children? What role does God play in parenting?
  3. What are the dangers of the main goal in Christian parenting being parenting by the world’s standards (child being successful in school, career, relationships, etc.)? What are the benefits of our children being successful by the world’s standards?
  4. How did your parents’ role in your life change as you went from newborn to adult? What was their focus in parenting? Did it help you grow closer to God? Why or why not?
  5. Deuteronomy 6:6 states that God’s commandments “are to be on your hearts.” What does a person look like who has God’s commandments on their hearts?
  6. Why does representing Christ at home matter?
  7. Do parents you know spend more time modeling God’s commandments or telling their kids they should follow God’s commandments?
  8. How does Romans 12:1-2 reflect God’s commands being written on a person’s heart?
  9. What would the children around you write if they answered the question, “based on what you see and hear what does [your name] represent on a daily basis?”
  10. Have you ever thought about seeing children who have accepted Christ as brothers and sisters in Christ? How does seeing them this way change the focus of your relationship with them?


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