Four Kinds of Dirt, July 19-26,

Matthew 13:1-23


The Story: 4 types, 4 threats and 4 results

The Interlude: The purpose of parables

The Interpretation: What kind of dirt are you?




Group Discussion Questions

Focus on the questions that are most relevant to your group and skim or skip those that are not at this time.

  1. Read Matthew 13:1-9. Identify the four kinds of dirt, the three threats and the four results. If you have any experience in farming or gardening, how can you relate to Jesus’ story on a literal level?
  2. Read Matthew 13:10-17. Why does Jesus speak in parables? Why are the disciples blessed?
  3. Read Matthew 13:18-23. Identify the spiritual connections in the story. What do the sower, the seed, and the kinds of dirt each represent? What do the birds, the Sun and the thorns each represent? Compare and contrast each of the four kinds of dirt, the threats and the result from each one.
  4. How is the evil one a threat? Have you experienced spiritual evil or opposition in some form?
  5. How are trouble and persecution threats to our spiritual growth? What causes a person to fall away? What kinds of things could we do to grow deeper roots?
  6. How are worry and the deceitfulness of wealth threats to our spiritual growth? How can we root out these thorns?
  7. What happens with the good soil? What might that look like in a person’s life?
  8. What kind of dirt do you think you are right now? Why? If you don’t like your dirt, what will you do to change?



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