The Secrets of the Kingdom Of Heaven, July 26 – August 1

Matthew 13:24-52



The kingdom of heaven will culminate in joy for those who believe, but judgment for those who do not.


The Kingdom of heaven will grow and grow.


The kingdom of heaven is worth sacrificing anything to gain it.


Proclaim the good news of the kingdom of heaven to every person and every people group on the earth.


Group Discussion Questions

Focus on the questions that are most relevant to your group and skim or skip those that are not at this time.

  1. What is the kingdom of heaven?
  2. How does the kingdom of heaven impact your life?
  3. God in his infinite wisdom allows evil to exist for now (stealing, lying, abuse, rape, murder, incest, genocide, etc.). Are you offended by this? Explain.
  4. How has evil in the world affected you?
  5. The kingdom grows slowly. God is patient at work bringing home more sons and daughters. Are you offended by his slowness? Why or why not?
  6. The kingdom seems hidden and obscure, not impressive nor seeking to impress, in the way that it grows. Why do you think God chooses to operate his spiritual kingdom in this way? Are you offended that God does not do more to prove himself?
  7. In the parables of The Hidden Treasure and The Pearl of Great Value, Jesus is teaching on the immense value of the kingdom. What evidences in your life demonstrate that you truly value and treasure the King and his kingdom? How can you pursue the kingdom this week? What can you “sell” or “buy”?



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